About Team outing at The Resort, Mumbai

Take a break from the monotonous and tiring lifestyle and escape into the lavishness of The Resort! Not far from Mumbai city, this hotel is ideal for leisure travellers who wish to escape for the hustle-bustle of the city.

Mumbai, with its coastal line of beauty, energy filling venues, and amazing people, stands unique when it comes to corporate events or to conduct innovative team building games. ‘The Resort’ in Mumbai, with its exquisite amenities and world-class facilities provide a superior space in building skills and having fun among teams.

Make your teams work under a shared vision: ‘The Resort’ is the best place to have Corporate Outbound in Mumbai

To make your teams successful and enhance their productivity, you must work on improving accountability among team members. How can you increase accountability through a team building game? Let’s take an example of ‘Kontiki Boat Building Challenge’ an energising team-building activity from Trebound’s treasure box. ‘The Resort’ with the beach at the walking distance provides a perfect platform to play this activity. Along with blueprints, and the instructions, the teams will be building boats and get into the race. Winning teams must develop strategies to work under a shared vision, utilise their strengths well and, most importantly, learn everything through complete fun and laughter.

Where is it located?

Madh Island, built by Portuguese, is a group of many villages and farmlands situated in the northern part of Mumbai City. This island is also one of the reputed tourist spots in Western India. ‘The Resort,’ located at Madh Island, this beach facing venue is just 1 km from INS Hamla Naval Base. Malad is the nearest railway station, one can reach the resort by driving for around 40 minutes to cover 8.5 km.


The resort comes with Villas, Suites, Ocean facing deluxe rooms and standard rooms to accommodate guests of all economic groups. This also provides an opportunity for corporate to host numerous events based on the budget they allocate for each program. Villas and suites come with spacious rooms and clean environment. The deluxe rooms and standard rooms equally are taken very well by the hotel management. The interiors are done with a taste to engage the corporate as well as family guests.

Amenities & Activities

The swimming pool surrounded by lush green and colourful garden is sure a sight to behold. The villas and suites offer a beautiful inner view as well. The banquets and conference halls provide a lively space to conduct your sales meetings, annual events and customer engagement programs. If you are looking for a venue to conduct indoor activities, Trebound’s signature games, such as ‘Triggertronics’ or ‘Roller Coaster’ where your goal is to build many skills as well, ‘The Resort’ has terrific options to choose from. As a MICE destination, the conference hall provides customised seating arrangement, Audio-video facilities with cutting-edge technologies, high-speed wi-fi connection to satisfy the contemporary requirements of the guests and corporates.

Food takes a significant part in any corporate event. Isn’t it? The continental, Indian and various other cuisines indeed satisfy the taste buds of the guests for sure here. Trebound teams and their corporate clients have been creating a win-win situation in ‘The Resort,’ Mumbai. 

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