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Achieving success starts by adopting an attitude which is full of positive approach, self-confidence, self-motivation, optimism and a constructive thought process. The summer camps for children provide such an opportunity to build various life skills that are necessary to survive, sustain and succeed in life. Unlike earlier, due to increasing nuclear family set-up and global mobility, the children do not get enough exposure to right human interaction. Whatever little exposure they get, the children run around in building skills related to academics and vocation.

Mary Lou Retton, compares ‘optimism’ and ‘positive attitude’ to the happiness magnet. She further says,

“If you stay positive, all good things and good people will be drawn to you.”

The summer camps for kids can induce such ‘optimism’ and ‘positive attitude’ in them. Those who do not know Mary Lou Retton, she is the American Gymnast who won a gold medal in the Individual all-around competition along with 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals in 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

What is the connection between optimism and the overall growth of the children? How can this be achieved during summer camps for students?

Optimism and overall growth in Kids | Trebound

The exploration done to identify the gap in the overall growth of the children led to molding them appropriately through self-managing phase. Every individual is different, each one of them possess different talents and varied capabilities. The children are brought up under discrete circumstances. The ability to manage themselves on their own ultimately aid in bringing out the maximum potential in children and achieving at supreme levels.

The summer camps for children, if planned effectively can infuse lot such optimism and positive attitude in them. The students and kids undergo lot activities that give food to their physical fitness and mental strength. As the summer camps for students focus more on building self-analysing capabilities in them which ultimately helps to identify strengths & weaknesses on their own. During this process, the children fight against their own beliefs and, in turn, achieve higher by consciously elevating the growth expectation. The sense of such achievement induces greater level of positivity and optimism in them and the impact goes in cycle elevating the lives.

Summer camps for kids teaches the students how to gracefully embrace failures

Gracefully embrace failures | Trebound

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

Denis Waitley, the motivational speaker and writer

Unfortunately, the competitive environment has contributed to an unhealthy culture when the kids face failures. The suicides and suicide attempts in young community is highly dangerous and gives a bad signal to the world. Trebound team has given a serious thought here while developing summer camps related activities. The totally fun based summer camps for children help a great deal in making them learn how to gracefully embrace failures. They are taught to look at the failure as the stepping stone for greater successes. The best part is the fun ways in which they gather such skills.

The summer camps for kids provide an opportunity to acquire various life skills and an ability to apply what they learn in academics. What is the use of academics unless the children do not know how to apply them? The appropriate utilization of social skills help the children to apply the things they learn through academics. For example, they learn to seek ‘support’ in needed situations while they are at the summer camps. Seeking ‘support’ helps in developing the ‘listening’ skills and an ability to ‘applying the learnings’ in life situations.

Summer camp for children advances social skills in them

Social skills in Kids | Trebound

Due to technological advancements and exclusive use of electronic gadgets, there is a heightened challenge witnessed by human beings losing social skills and the interaction skills. When the adults are struggling to get over such challenges in life, how can these attributes be filled in the young minds and hearts? The summer camps for students works as the best tool to effectively encourage social skills in them.

Especially, compared to earlier generation, the young children nowadays struggle to read a person’s mood or the body language and understand the emotions of fellow beings. Trebound team has come across situations when the fellow students take care of the emotional needs of summer camp mates. If a child shows inability to perform any activity due to ‘shyness’ or ‘fear of unknown’, the other kids join hands and encourage the weaker ones to perform better. Trebound team uses such opportunity to advocate them on life challenges and how to manage such challenges on their own.

Both the parents and the children look towards improving the leadership skills, the marketing abilities and the personality traits. It is important for each one of us to understand the importance of social skills that lay a stronger foundation to improve the leadership skills. The competition is growing rapidly, and so the expectation to achieve more and more from the student community. This in turn, puts excess pressure from all around the corner and brings lot new challenges in the life of young children nowadays.

In such scenario, what can be done to bring out the maximum potential from the children? The development of social skills can be achieved by sending your children and students for summer camps.

Summer Camps for Children to Acquire Leadership Skills and Business Management Capabilities

Acquire Leadership Skills and Business Management | Trebound

As the children embraces social skills during summer camps, they also acquire leadership skills and business management capabilities. Beyond given an opportunity to showcase their individual capability, they also develop skills to do things in a team environment. The team-work helps in understanding the value of reputation and raise them as the well-adjusted adults.

The ‘art of compromise’ is one of the highly important leadership skills which will aid in personal improvement all through the life. The summer camps offer a space where the children get answers to various questions through ‘experiences’ in-stead of plain ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers they get normally. For example, when you just tell children that ‘failing is ok, it will help ahead and all’, the simple ‘talking’ may not show any greater impact.

But, in summer camps, when they witness a fellow child ‘wins’ one time and ‘loses’ at another time, they understand that ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ is a part of the game. They also understand that each one of us possess specific skill which can be honed to succeed in many things. The student gets an opportunity to analyse their self and identify their core strength. Beyond identifying, they also understand how to apply such strengths to survive and succeed in challenging situations.

Not only the survival ability, this attribute also helps in building negotiation skills in children. For an example, the fun based activity like ‘Junkyard Sales’ can be organised for children during summer camp. This type of fun team building activities during summer camps aid in acquiring lot leadership and business management capabilities. The children are grouped, they build a shop made of stationary items and sell some ‘unique’ junk. They learn to develop ‘sales pitches’, negotiate with customers, build marketing abilities, understands the value of earning by effectively using their strengths and problem-solving skills.

What it takes to build summer camp activities for children and Students?

Summer camp activities | Trebound

Based on the age group and the understanding level of the children who attend the summer camps, the organising entity needs to decide the list of skills that need promotion. Based on the skills they decide, the activities to be designed and chosen very carefully. The communication about the activity needs to be prepared well which is in fact a key for encouraging the planned skills on children.

The children need to understand what role they have in doing a certain activity, what it takes to accomplish their role and why are they undertaking that specific activity. Else, the efforts and time go waste, and at the end, the children do not learn anything appropriately. Not only that, if the children misunderstand things during summer camps, it can also adversely impact their growth. Trebound team focuses highly on their communication strategies while organising summer camps for kids.

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