Employees are a valuable asset of every organization. When an organization takes time to build its employees properly, it is sure to see long-term benefits. Team bonding activities are an important aspect of this development. This certainly brings employees together and helps to promote collaboration and teamwork.

"Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success." -Ted Sundquist

Team offsite helps bond employees outside their workplace environment by breaking down barriers and creating a healthy interaction. Ultimately, it leads to feeling worthwhile and being a part of a team, which is essential for job satisfaction in the workplace.

How about planning a corporate outbound in Delhi? Delhi has various options for providing you a great team outing experience; be it fun activities that engage employees for a day, a couple of days, or a week-long seminar.

‘Broken glass Walk’ to enhance Risk Taking Ability

Ever noticed that when we broaden our thinking to believe that ‘the impossible’ is ‘possible’, we end up astonishing ourselves? The way we think highly depends on our perceptions and beliefs. This can control our minds and make us do amazing things or stay back from taking risks. The broken glass walk is one such activity; risky but creates a powerful environment! Popular spiritual and pilgrimage towns like Rishikesh and Dharamshala are the best places to conduct this activity.

Kontiki Boat Building Challenge to build ‘Leadership’ and ‘Team Cohesion’ skills

This is an exciting one where teams are required to build a boat and ride in them too! All safety measures will be provided and the boat will be tested with an old-fashioned race. This team building activity helps in developing qualities like conflict resolution, resource management, and quality control. Go to the ‘Naini Lake’ in Nainital or the ‘Beas River’ in Manali for this boat building challenge.

Drum Jam Session to ‘relax’ your mind with Music and Dance

Feel the beat and groove to the rhythm! This is a very effective ‘icebreaker’ team activity that will help employees to unwind and gel with each other in a fun way. It improves team spirit and collaboration and is a perfect stress buster. The popular tourist destinations- Shimla and Mussourie with mind-blowing scenic spots are great for this fun and relaxing team activity.

Junkyard Sales for the ‘Tough Negotiators’

Are you the swift thinker with good marketing skills or want to be one? This team building game is great for improving sales, problem-solving and negotiation skills. Teams are required to build and market a product made from certain pieces of junk. The ‘pink city’ Jaipur could be an ideal place for this activity.

There are a plethora of places in and around Delhi to relax and have fun with your teams including your boss! Indulge yourself in this myriad of fun team activities and get to know your teammates better. Get back to your work feeling refreshed and energized! 

Other Team Building Activities

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