“Getting good players is easy, getting them to play is the hard part”-Casey Stengel

The charm of Hyderabad to Frame a Successful Team Outing

The lucrative corporate team outings require a strategically planned out proposal held at the right location and the right time. The capital city of Hyderabad is one of the most intriguing destinations of the country which is bound to allure your team for sure. The city represents a unique collaboration of history through its architecture & modernity as it is growing as a leading IT hub. A visit to this city, once ruled by Nizams and their lavish lifestyle, by its historic architecture and delicious cuisine, will leave one enthralled.

A few of the top choices of team building activities to hold a great corporate team outing in this iconic city are listed below.

Jumbo Cricket

One really exciting and popular activity is Jumbo Cricket which is much bigger and better than the original version. What makes it Jumbo is the over-sized bat and ball used by the teams to play the game. Imagine a bat of around 10 feet wide & weighing 50 kilos used to swing a huge ball equally big enough.

The batting team of around 8 to 20 people faces the real challenge of having to plot a good hit and trying to gather the most number of runs. The bowling team has to twist and throw an enormous ball and even stop it from rolling out of the boundaries. This team-building game helps in uniting the team to attain the maximum runs and thereby brings them even more closer.

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The Triggetronics

This team-building activity, The Triggertronics is sure to make your teams think out of the box. Each team is given a variety of equipment with which they are required to design something different and usable.

This task requires quite an amount of brainstorming from each participant. The teammates discover the level of creativity of each member and learn how to communicate amongst each other better. It breaks all sorts of insecurities thereby making your team feel more comfortable and satisfied. Each participant plays an important role thereby improving their morale which also aids in team building. The activity also helps in realizing the value of using the raw materials available more cautiously by the employees which is beneficial for the company later on. There are many such activities from the treasure basket of Trebound can be played to indulge many skills.

‘Water Volleyball’ at Lahari Resorts

Situated at Bhanoor, The Lahari Resorts is a classic example of an abode far off where one can relax & rejuvenate. Packed with a variety of water games and fun activities along with a majestic feast to make one feel right on cloud nine.

Along with snacks & conversations, plenty of lively team building games can be carried out to keep the teams on their toes. An interesting and yet youthful activity is – Water Volleyball. Two teams stand on either side of the net. The teams are paired and given a satin cloth to throw and catch water balloons on either side of the net. A miss from any pair results in a wet splash to the teammates!

Each learns how to coordinate their moves as per the need of their team, and it also strengthens the communication between the team members.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”- H.E.Luccock

The water volleyball is a fun and unique team building activity which inculcates coordination within a team which is an essential element towards success.

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Multi-Ball Ring

There is a lot of thrilling, enduring provocative team building activities. One such activity is Multi-Ball Ring wherein the teams are expected to score the required goals to win the task. The teams have to finish the task at hand within a period without any room for mistakes since this can lead to disqualification.

This fun activity creates a stressful environment within which the teams have to work to achieve victory. This team-building game helps in developing stress management skill which is highly required in today’s competitive work environment. The task also requires agility without compromising on quality, a very important attribute to be accumulated to balance one’s work and personal life.

The employees are sure to have a good time feeling more confident from their accomplishments and highly motivated. The team building activities are indeed a need of the hour which will prove to be a true investment for corporates later on. Trebound ensures you an improved group dynamics amongst your employees thereby making them ready to take on what lies ahead.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”- Phil Jackson

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Few Other Fun and Interesting Team Building Activities in Hyderabad 

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.