Coming together and being together for wealth generation or for one’s well-being forms a core factor in an organization and in society. The team and the team culture have to be the focal point for a profitable organization and in turn for the well being of society at large. Trebound has rightly tapped the core factor of enhancing and motivating the teams by their various corporate team outbound Training, Leadership Skill Training, Soft skill Training and various Team Building activities.

“Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we.” – Anonymous

Corporate Team Building Activities in Pune

An apt surrounding to bring together the teams and to elevate the team spirit too forms an integral part of "Team Building". Trebound can give the right blend of conducting the customized activities at a handpicked venue which suits the client’s overall goal and requirement.

“Teamwork divides the task and double the success.” Anonymous

1. Tetris Tower

To lead and to drive the team to follow towards a defined task is the challenge of a Leader. Trebound with its innovative and ingenious team building activity Tetris Tower brings the members to collaborate together to get precise results in a time-based challenge. Tetris Tower necessitates creating a tower from wooden blocks with the aid of a wooden disc. The team has to focus and work together keeping in mind the bigger goal, focus and coordination are the keys to win this game.

The core competencies a team member would take back from this game of Tetris Tower are Team Synchronization, Resource handling, Effective communication, Building strong process and coordination. This can be conducted for a group of 20 or 200 people.

A serene atmosphere brings in tranquillity.

A tranquil atmosphere few meters away from the hustle-bustle of the city is the right base for bringing- in the team spirit and to bond with the team, further the Trebound facilitator will organize fun-filled activities; meetings, informal gatherings, etc., and pave the way to build a great team. 

2. Formula One Challenge

There are many types of team-building training and activities like a carpenter one have to choose the right tool. Trebound with around 20 years of combined industry experience in building strategic, customized, and insight-driven corporate team outing and training solutions with their 250+ Trainers can rightly bring the teams together and stay motivated. F1 Challenge is one such fun-filled activity designed for teams of all sizes to increase interaction and inculcate management skills that can be implemented in the workplace. Resource Management, Creativity, and Problem-solving are some of the key takeaways.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

3. Drum Jam Team Building Session

United we stand divided we fall, brings in the true spirit of the need for a team. The emphasize to work as a team or as a group is a fact of the past and present. Drum Jam Team building session organized by Trebound will help your teams get rid of stress, open up further, Indulge in better communication and bring in a feeling of inclusion. The huge inventory of over 20,000 musical instruments from all top-brands, with the world-class team to guide through, will give the participants a wholesome experience.

“The difference between success and failure is a great team.”

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

4. Triggertronics

The Triggertronics is one such activity developed by Trebound facilitators which bring together the team members and creates a great bond between them. Members have to perform a simple job through complex transitions. This induces collaboration, Enhances creativity, drives the team towards a common goal, interdependence among teams and communication too. This activity can be conducted for a team size varying from15 to 100. Every member of the team starts to realize that each team member plays a vital role in making a project successful.

Good Performance is the Product of the right mindset!

Corporate Team outings help in breaking the monotony at work. Activities / Games which help in building a team is a good platform for experiential learning designed by Trebound with its 20+ years of experience in this field of training.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.