Magic happens when Teams are Engaged with the Right Set of Corporate Team Building Activities

The greatest achievements of the team are the result of the combined strengths of each individual!!

The Fun & Learn team building activities provide high-impact acquisition of skill and knowledge. Teamwork is no doubt critical for workplace harmony which will lead to overall success. The all-inclusive corporate team games enhance communication & morale and improve productivity. The bonding and trust gained and developed during corporate team outings reflect positively later in the workplace.

Trebound’s specialized and personalized activities are designed to provide employees with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of belonging.

Team Building Activities In Srilanka

The beauty of Srilanka – Superlative Location to Make Company Team Outing a Great Success

While we understand the importance of team offsite, the impact is highly valued and gets multiplied when it is done at the right location!

An island nation, a complete package of wonders offering heritage, scenic beauty, and pristine bliss. A chance to explore the stunning beaches or enjoy the wildlife, Srilanka’s ancient beauty, and the ruins leave your winning team mesmerized.

Listed below are some of our top picks for your special team to bond and build a successful future.

‘Trust Walk’ at Mandara Resort

Located along the south-west coast of the country, Mandara Resort offers guests an experience of their very own piece of paradise on Earth. Crack open a coconut, slip into a beachside hammock and rock gently in the breeze.

While the team enjoys the relaxing beach, you can plan a simple yet one of the highly effective team building activities – Trust Walk. In this activity, the members are asked to be teamed up in pairs, out of which, one will be the guide and the second will be blindfolded. When everybody is settled, the blindfolded partner is slowly spun a few times to confuse him/her with the direction.

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The guide has to direct his team member through the obstacles without touching, rather using effective verbal communication.

‘Trust is the glue of life. It’s an essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.’

Nurturing trust within members, the Trust Walk is an impactful team building activity. Here, a leader guides his blindfolded partner through obstacles primarily with the help of verbal cues. The seemingly simple activity proves itself effective with improved coordination, problem-solving and risk-taking and most importantly, the trust.

Treasure Hunt and Paint the Canvas in Lake Resort of Srilanka

The treasure hunt is special because this best team building activity intends to enhance team performance for all levels of management - from the executive to the leadership levels. It is designed for any team that needs effective communication, coordination, and team bonding. The object is to find the treasure chest equaling the target turnover or deadline.

The goal of each sub-team is to accomplish their part of the puzzle. When the efforts are combined, the cumulative energies help to achieve the goal. The action, excitement and fun part in cave exploration surly bring all members together. The individual efforts are recognized while the goal is achieved in parallel. Since everyone is the contributor here, it elevates the level of responsibility and accountability among team members.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

The canvas painting when coupled with the thrilling experience of treasure hunting, adds triumph to the success. The canvas that is finally created can be put up in the office space as a constant reminder of how effective teams can achieve any goal. Conduct this corporate team building game in Srilanka’s wonderful Singriya’s Athena Lake Resort.

The resort in Kandy’s Amaya Hills also provides the perfect space to conduct this activity.

‘Water Volleyball’ at Mirissa

Beach visits are always refreshing for everyone. Yes, planning a corporate team outing in Mirissa is the best solution when you want to recognize special achievers in a superior way. Water Volleyball is a perfect corporate team building activity to conduct at the beach resort like locations. Packed with revelry and childhood nostalgia, this activity, as the name suggests, is a volleyball game with an interesting twist of water balloons.

This fun game involves two teams given a satin sheet to launch the water balloons. Each team will be given a satin sheet separately to launch as well as catch the water balloons. With careful maneuvring and positioning, the balloons need to be tossed from one side to the other. Any misses will result in water being splashed on the participants.

The activity not only engages the participants in sequels of joys but also inculcates strategic thinking and communication. It encourages the team to establish group norms and increases competitive spirit.

Trebound organizes many such water-based fun team building games in Paradise Beach Club and Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa which are located near beautiful Mirissa beach.

Double Dragon at Ella

Everyone’s favorite hill-country village, Ella in Srilanka offers various attractive tourist options. Trebound can arrange a perfect corporate team outing in one of the best hotels over there.

Double Dragon is a great team building activity that encourages collaboration and healthy competitiveness. It entails team effort where each team competes to cross checkpoints to reach the target point. The facilitator will challenge the teams to race against each other to complete the game. One of the team members will be blindfolded and with the help and guidance of others, be transported between a hula hoop.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

The added challenge is that the blindfolded person also needs to balance a beach ball on his/her feet along the way. The activity encourages the team to plan effectively and think strategically. Improving communication skills and creative thinking, the activity also improves team collaboration.

Junkyard Sales at Movenpick Hotel in Colombo

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in any business. And to keep the customers happy and satisfied, your sales team must be geared up all the time.

If you are looking for improving negotiation and sales skills, Junkyard Sales activity is highly recommended. Teams will be required to build a saleable product from assorted junk which will be provided by the facilitator. Not only building, the team should be able to sell the product to the investors and the clients.

Improve the creativity, escalation handling and communication skills of your team. This activity is aimed at the sales and marketing team, or any other unit that is involved in direct customer-facing activities. These profiles require business personnel to be fast thinkers who are good at communication and negotiation. They also need to wear the personality that is pleasing and an attitude that is harmonious. This activity targets exactly at these skills and points for improvement.

Roller Coaster at Canes Boutique Hotel

Canes Boutique hotel is the perfect venue in Srilanka to play a lot of interesting team bonding games. The very best extravagance to your winning teams and their families.

Nurturing team collaboration, Roller Coaster is an exciting activity where members have to build an entire roller coaster from scratch with the materials provided to them. It should be designed in such a way that the ball is able to run the track solely with the help of gravity. This activity is aimed to motivate and energize employees.

While having fun, the professionals learn about project management and the importance of collaborating effectively with a team. The high energy activity improves the skills of project planning and resource management. The best and cozy environment at Canes Boutique Hotel provides picture-perfect avenues to conduct this team game.

Tic Tac Toe

Highly charged and a bundle of fun, this Tic Tac Toe activity is a bigger version of the popular zero and cross game played during school days! The same rules of the traditional tic tac toe game apply. The only difference here is that every move will be played by a different member. One wrong decision results in the entire team losing.

Perfect for a large group where you can make teams of 15/16 people per team, this fun team outbound activity aims at improving adaptability to changing circumstances and working towards a common goal while making decisions. Allow Trebound to arrange it for you in Kandy’s Spring Villa which provides excellent hospitability and experience.

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.

After finishing these fun-filled and encouraging activities, the teams return home motivated and recharged. Taking employees out in a different serene environment is very important as it helps mainly:

  • Break the routine mundane
  • Disrupt group barriers
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Improve productivity

Every member gets the sense of accomplishment towards the common goal, they feel valued

The upbeat and powerful team experiences help the teams to bond together

A team that plays together, stays together!! Yes, A perfect win-win situation!!

Find what's more! A unique team experience anytime, anywhere.