The 20-20 Challenge

Virtual Team Building Activity

20 - 30 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Indoor and Outdoor
This fun activity is completely made for the remote team which they can do it in front of their computer or laptops
15 - 150
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
Where you lounge in your pyjamas!
The 20-20 Challenge |
The 20-20 Challenge |
This is a great game for honing the planning skills of the employees. There is a bunch of things that need to be done in a limited amount of time. The list will only be told once and won’t be repeated so the employees have to pay attention to the list and note it down if that’s more convenient. Pen, paper, and maybe running shoes is all you need! And brace yourselves as this game is not at all as easy or simple as it sounds!
How The 20-20 Challenge adds value to team?
The participants need to figure out what is more important to do first. The things would have to be done in an order which gets things done fast and for that to happen the employees need to figure out which task is more important o be done before and what tasks can be looked after later. This helps them in group projects where they need to do multiple tasks and need to figure out which one is the top priority.
This one is pretty straight forward. Once they figure out what needs to be done first, they will have to plan how they would execute this as there is a limited amount of time that they have. They need to plan in a way that they can complete the tasks within the given time as fast as they can without making any errors. Planning helps in tasks and projects where they need to figure out how to complete the task in a way that excess time is not wasted and the final outputs are the best that can be achieved.
This activity improves the efficiency of the team as it improves their ability to work in a way that will require minimum efforts but maximum output as it enhances their ability to prioritize and plan as well as helps them in execution which would ultimately increase both the quality of work done and the quantity of the work they can get done as excess time is no longer wasted.
Time Management
In this activity, the members need to manage and plan in a way that they can complete as many tasks as possible. Time management is extremely crucial here. This will reflect in work when the members are more acquainted with managing to produce the best work in the least time through the application of time management acquired from this activity.
The team members need to take ownership of the tasks. If one of the task is to collect a total minimum of 20 random objects, the team members need to take ownership and collect as many objects as each one of them can individually rather than thinking that the other members will get the most of them. At work, this would help them in understanding that the workload should be shared equally rather than a few members carrying the most burden of the whole team and make each employee take ownership of their tasks in a project.

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