Broken Glass Walk


The perception, beliefs and associated knowledge are what drives us to do minor to major things in life. Aren't they? Unknowingly, we allow these attributes to dominate the way we think, take decisions and act on key things, many times, control our potential. When we think 'only this much' we can do, we do 'only that much'. Once we broaden our thinking, our perception and belief system gets bigger and we tend to achieve the biggest.

The activity involving walk on the glass bed can make wonders in our belief system and we become superior level achievers. Let us look at how Trebound makes it a wonderful experiential learning program.

Key Information about the Most Effective Corporate Team Building Game

Trebound has three levels such as basic, intermediate and advance to engage varied groups on glass walk formats.


1 - 2 Days

Activity Time

15 - 100

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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Note: Since glass walk is a slow activity (except basic where the glass pieces are not very sharp) we don't advise a batch size of more than 100.

This activity can be conducted as a part of any event, especially during:

  • Seminars
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Team building Events
  • Goal Setting Training
  • Sales Coaching Sessions
  • Annual Meets
  • Leadership Group Coaching Gatherings

Broken Glass Walk to be Done ONLY Under Expert Guidance. Do You Know Why?

Safety is utmost important here. This corporate skill building activity MUST be done under expert supervision as it involves careful planning, keen understanding, sensible guidance, right way of motivation and thorough quality check. Trebound takes UTMOST care of all these aspects before commencing.

Let us look at how the safety factors are prioritised while organising this adventurous team building activity.

  • The activity is conducted in a flat surface after explaining what is involved and getting permission from the venue owner.
  • Once the venue is chosen, the team prepares the 'base' as the foundation to ensure that the safety of the space is intact. It requires a lot of preparation and to be well in advance.
  • It requires advance organising due to the long preparation time, especially in the places where there is no stock available
  • To ensure safety and as a precautionary measure, people who can't walk with the balanced step or have injuries in the leg are not allowed to participate.

Key Benefits of this powerful Skill Building Corporate Activity:

Taking initiatives: As one of the best team building activities, the participants will learn to take initiatives as a post-experience learning here. They become responsible for the actions, results and such accountability will take them to newer heights in life.

Willingness: Willingness to sensibly think and act right make the participants proactive, such proactiveness will make them the agents of positive changes for businesses.

Creating a powerful environment: The accountability and proactiveness of the team by default create a powerful environment where the change agents generate wonders in the form of improved productivity.

Challenging the 'limiting' beliefs and perceptions: The most important impact this powerful and prevailing team building game create in people is motivating them to challenge their own beliefs and perceptions. The understanding of 'such attributes' limiting their ability will result in outcomes that are unimaginable.

Letting go of the past: Learning from past mistake is an art. It is important to 'let go of past' is the key step towards brighter tomorrow. This amazing team building activity can help in strengthening the mind to 'let go of the past'

The final outcome of this great corporate team activity is the challenge management. Learning to face challenges in such a way that the challenges no longer remain a 'challenge' in the future. As the activity make the participants understand the limiting factors that lead to realise that the 'assumed' challenges are not going to be 'challenges' anymore.

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