Double Dragon

Activity insights:

A great team building activity which encourages collaboration and healthy competitiveness, Double Dragon entails team effort where each team competes to cross checkpoints and reach the end point.

How it is done:

The Trebound facilitator will challenge the teams to race against each other to cross checkpoints and reach the finish line. One of the team members will be blindfolded and with the help and guidance of others, be transported between a hula hoop. The added challenge is that that blindfolded person also needs to balance a beach ball between his/her feet along the way.


  1. Group Size: 10 -15 per team
  2. Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
  3. Preferred Setting: Outdoor
  4. Neuron Activity Level: Medium

Activity Target:

This activity intends to nurture team collaboration across different levels. It is specifically designed for employees to work towards a common goal effectively through problem-solving, ideating, communicating and coordinating as a team.

Key Takeaways:

Effective planning

Before beginning the activity, the members will have to brainstorm and chalk out an effective plan to be the first ones to reach the finish line. They will have to come up with innovative ideas to overcome the obstacles at hand. This learning and understanding of effective planning get carried on to the workplace as well.

Strategizing on the go

As with most plans, when it comes to physically executing it, some unanticipated problems might arise (such as the ball falling from the feet). The team has to be quick on their toes and strategize on the go for corrective measures. This will in turn also promote problem-solving skills.

Effective communication

This activity promotes effective communication from the beginning till the end, whether it is for coming up with a plan, carrying it through and transporting the blindfolded person to the finish line.

Team collaboration

Due to the nature of the activity, the members have no other option but to collaborate with each other cohesively in order to reach the end point together. Some of them might have to quicken their pace, while others will have to slow down. The members have to analyse and gauge each other's strengths and weaknesses and leverage the positive traits of each to win the race. This also tests courage and patience levels.


20-30 Mins

Activity Time

10 - 15

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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