Fire Walk

Fire-Walk, in this enthralling team building activity, the process, in fact, starts with taking an action in-spite of having fear in REALLY walking on the Fire.

Willingness to go Beyond Facing Fears Challenging the Barriers Going beyond the Limitation Expanding Boundaries Value of High Energy & Creating a Powerful Environment

These are the treasures one must have to achieve greater growth in life & career. Merely, the domain knowledge or the core technical skill is not sufficient to succeed in this ever-changing and competitive business scenario. Understanding the significance of such skill-building requirements, Trebound offers one of the world-class corporate team building activities named 'Fire Walk'.

Till today, the Trebound team has conducted this corporate team offsite activity over 600 times and one of the 'on-demand' activities preferred and referred by the corporate clients. Let us travel together to learn how this powerful corporate outbound activity becomes a relevant transformational experience that can be used in any real-life challenge.

Key Information about the Most Effective Team Building Game


2 Hours

Activity Time

20 - 2000

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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Note: Beyond 2000 can be accommodated as well in special circumstances. In case of higher numbers, Trebound team uses multiple walking beds.

This activity can be conducted as a part of any event, especially during:

  • Seminars
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Team building Events
  • Goal Setting Training
  • Sales Coaching Sessions
  • Annual Meets
  • Leadership Group Coaching Gatherings

Fire Walk to be Done ONLY Under Expert Guidance. Do You Know Why?

Safety is utmost important here. This corporate skill building activity MUST be done under expert supervision as it involves careful planning, keen understanding, sensible guidance, right way of motivation and thorough quality check. Trebound takes UTMOST care of all these aspects before commencing.

Let us look at how the safety factors are prioritised while organising this adventurous team building activity.

  • The activity is conducted in an open lawn/ground area after explaining what is involved and getting permission from the venue owner. The tiled or beachside are fine as well, however, the open ground is preferred. It is important to conduct the activity post sunset when it is dark.
  • Once the venue is chosen, the team prepares the 'artificial base' as the foundation to ensure that the safety of the space is intact. The coal-based format with a length of the stratified walking bed between 6 to 15 feet is normally used while conducting the activity.
  • Normally, the 6 feet bed is suggested for all the groups; the longer ones are suggested only for the younger group and used in advanced level format.
  • To ensure safety and as a precautionary measure, people who can't hop, have injuries in the leg, or obese and with diabetes are barred from participating.

Key Benefits of this Daring Skill Building Corporate Activity:

It is not easy to list all the benefits here. However, we have listed down a few key benefits associated with 'Fire-Walk' among numerous others.

  • Prepare your employees getting ready for Quantum Targets
  • Learn to gauge the target space they need to reach out
  • Pre-plan well to accomplish the most thrilling team building activity with ease
  • Analyse the risk factors in advance and also plan to mitigate such risks
  • Prepare the mindset to overcome the fear of walking on the fire
  • Achieve the 'un-achievable'
  • Thirst for knowledge acquisition
  • Utilising one's creativity to create the best upshots
  • Pursuit of contentment
  • Collaborating with others to create a positively transformational society
  • Convert 'Impossible' mindset to 'I am Possible' attitude

The complete Happiness and Contentment only a very few experiences in life can bring. Fire walk is one such opportunity highly recommended.

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