F1 Challenge

Activity insights:

This activity is a fun-filled, exciting activity that requires teams to build a custom concept car from given resources. For the finale of the event, teams will be a required to participate in a human-powered race.

How it is done?

Teams will be given a set of raw materials with which they will have to make cardboard driving machines. The process will start at the very beginning – from having to make designs to implementation. The process, being complex, will include everything from designing to modifying and testing. Trebound facilitators will help supervise and ensure that the product built is according to set standards. Once complete, teams will also have to brand their vehicles and conclude with grand prix race.

Activity Target:

This activity is designed for teams of all sizes and at all levels of management. It is designed to increase interaction and inculcate management skills that can be inculcated through experience and implemented at the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

Team Building:

This activity is designed to help every participant will understand that every member of the team plays an equally important role in making a project a success. That they all work towards a common goal outside of the work environment will also help the teams bond and understand each other better, thus improving their morale.


Effective communication is the key to sterling performance. This activity will help employees understand the relevance of communication, thus making them capable of implementing their learning in their work environment.

Resource Management:

Participants will have to create a concept car from the scratch, only with a given set of raw materials. The learning's from this activity will help them understand the need for resource management from a company point of view, thus making them more adept at the art of managing resources.

Problem Solving:

The mark of a good team is one that is able to overcome any problems that arise during the performance of any task. This activity will give team members the confidence to approach problems and devise strategic solutions that will ultimately help them achieve their goal. These learnings can then adapted to their work environment.


This activity encourages team members to think out-of-the-box, giving them the opportunity to create a product in line with their goals.

Healthy Competitive Spirit:

Healthy competition always motivates teams to work better and achieve more. However it is important that such competition be healthy and not personal in nature. Through this activity, teams will be sensitised with the art of healthy competition – thus making them realise its relevance even in the work environment.


2-3 Hours

Activity Time

60 - 200

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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