Hacker Trackdown

Virtual Team Building Activity

90 - 120 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Indoor and Outdoor
This fun activity is completely made for the remote team which they can do it in front of their computer or laptops
15 - 100
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
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Hacker Trackdown | Trebound.com
Hacker Trackdown | Trebound.com
In these times, where everything and everyone is going digital, so are the threats. Data Security is at a high risk all the time. This activity helps you for the preparation of the same. A virtual set-up of hacker crackdown teams is set-up whose job is to stop the hacker before he releases the secret information to the world wide web.
How Hacker Trackdown adds value to team?
Problem Solving
This activity is built around the problem of data security. This activity helps in preparing the team against threats like this by improving their problem-solving skills not only in the case of data security but other issues as well. This activity additionally gives a layer of protection and a sense of security through awareness about situations like these.
Communication is prime in team work. This activity requires the team to come together and communicate over the possible solutions and the pathways for the same. This helps in building trust. Trust will reflect in workplaces, enabling more open-ended conversation where the employees would feel comfortable about sharing their ideas and opinions on any task or project.
This activity requires collaboration which naturally involves all the members throwing out their suggestions and feedback on each ideas. The team members need to empathize with their team members and understand these suggestions from the point of view of that member to completely know what they are saying. The employees also need to understand that all the ideas suggested are for a common goal of stopping the hacker. These things make the teams more open to ideas, create a good ideation culture and boost morale.
Collaboration is required for the team to succeed in any given task. This activity enhances collaboration and efficiency through increase in communication, planning, management, strategic thinking and teamwork. The team members fall naturally into their comfortable roles after participating in this activity which helps in clearing the initial hurdles otherwise caused.
Decision making
This activity needs accurate, quick, and the most appropriate decisions to be made. The members have to come up with the best solution through correct and unanimous decisions. Sometimes, the decisions approved may not have been initially agreed upon by a few members but they need to understand that not all ideas they gave can be accounted for. This activity adds the value of decision making to the team.

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