Key Punch

Activity insights:

An intense and high energy activity, Key Punch entails teams collecting keys in a specific numerological order as fast as they can. The added challenge is that if any rule is flouted, the entire team faces a penalty.

How it is done:

In this activity, participants will be divided into teams and have the task of collecting keys in a numerical sequence. Each team will be given five attempts and a 30 minute time frame to touch the numerical spots at the fastest pace possible. Only one member is permitted to be in the game parameter at a given point of time.

Taking the previous attempt into consideration, the participants have to come up with innovative solutions to complete the task and better their time. In case any member goes out of order or touches a number twice, the entire group will have to bear the brunt of penalty.


  1. Group Size: 6 – 60
  2. Activity Time: 1/2 hour
  3. Preferred Setting: Indoor/Outdoor
  4. Neuron Activity Level: Medium

Activity Target:

This activity nudges the employees to bring out their best and work at an optimal level under pressure. It is designed for them to adapt to changing situations, set goals and communicate clearly.

Key Takeaways:

Strategic Planning

This game throws open the opportunity for strategic planning where members have to get together, use their grey cells and come up with a sound plan of action that will take them through the task effortlessly. This understanding is mirrored in the workplace as well.

Problem Solving

While the activity might appear simple on the surface, unexpected problems might arise during the execution of the task. Here, members will come to realise that problems are inevitable and how they can work around it and implement the solutions makes all the difference.

Continuous Improvement

The nature of this activity is such that after each attempt, members have to reassess and analyse their strategy and execution and come up with a better plan. It imbibes in the participants the importance of continuous improvement and also gives them the confidence that through corrective measures and constant enhancement, they can achieve their goals even if they have failed the first time.

Time Management

It is critical that participants use their time in the best possible manner to carry out the task. Even one moment wasted will cost them dearly. This activity is a strong reminder of the importance of time management in any given task. Members learn a valuable lesson and this reflects in their workplace too.


Effective communication is essential for a stellar performance. With this activity, participants recognise the relevance of communication and how imperative it is to implement it in their work environment as well.

Goal Setting

For any project to be completed in time and be successful, clear goals have to set beforehand. With this activity, members are forced to set goals and carry the vision through.


1/2 Hours

Activity Time

6 - 60

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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