Activity insights:

Pipeline is an exciting activity where teams have to build a free standing pipeline and use it as a means of transporting a ball from the start line to the finish point into a bucket that sits at the end.

How it is done:

The Trebound facilitator will equip team members with a half-pipe (with the top half cut) which has to be held in succession in order to create a pipeline. The ball (the goods) have to be rolled down this pipeline till the finish line and into the container without falling off. Each ball that makes it to the container successfully results in a happy customer.


  1. Group Size: 10 -150
  2. Activity Time: 1/2 hour
  3. Preferred Setting: Indoor/Outdoor
  4. Neuron Activity Level: Medium

Activity Target:

This activity offers employees a chance to plan and communicate as a team and take ownership of their work. The members also get an insight into the nuances of supply chain management.

Key Takeaways:

Goal Setting

Before starting the task, members have to set goals and come up with means of carrying it through in the stipulated time. This activity reiterates the value of goal setting and how it enables executing both long-term and short-term visions. It teaches members to make the most of thier time and resources to yield the best results.

Supply Chain Management

This activity is extremely powerful in making employees understand the dynamics of supply chain management. It illustrates how each member’s work impacts the end user and how the project should be diligently executed and handed over at every level. When the 'goods' do not reach the designated point, it leads to an unhappy costumer. The employees get an insight into the balance of high production, wastage and customer service.


Only when the person in charge is able to delegate the task effectively and oversee the whole process till the end, will the project be a seamless and successful one. This activity hones leadership skills where the leaders will have to understand, analyse and learn the different facets of their role.

Sense of Ownership

Every member in this task carries with him a huge responsibility. Even if one falters, the chain is broken and the ball (goods) does not get delivered at the pace it should. There are also chances for damaged goods or losses that will negatively impact the team. This sense of ownership beautifully translates into the workplace as well.


This activity illuminates the importance of proper planning. As the nature of the work is fragile and needs to be executed with caution, it is proper planning and seeing things through before the initiation of the task that will ensure a smooth transition as well as the success of the task.


The given task cannot be finished if there is a lack of communication. By the end of it, members will realise where the gaps of communication were and how it deterred a favourable result. They will also understand how good communication is critical for the project to be carried through all the levels.


1/2 Hour

Activity Time

10 - 150

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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