Tetris Tower

Activity insights:

An ingenious and fun team building activity designed and developed by our very own Trebound professionals, Tetris Tower necessitates creating a tower from wooden blocks with the aid of a wooden disc. The catch is that none of these blocks can be touched by hand.

Team Trebound and its vast network of leading trainers are constantly improving the activity inventory to motivate clients and keep them engaged with new as well as exciting team challenges. The Tetris tower is one such example, where members have to collaborate together to get precise results in a time-based challenge.

How it is done:

The Trebound facilitator will divide the members into groups and will allocate a set of 6 wooden blocks to each team. Participants have to work together and design a tower with the help of a small wooden disc. The added challenge is that none of the blocks can be touched by hand and the disc has to be manoeuvred in such a way that it is used to pick up the blocks by the 6-8 members. The task is time-based and should be executed to precision.


  1. Group Size: 20 – 200
  2. Activity Time: 20 minutes
  3. Preferred Setting: Indoor/Outdoor
  4. Neuron Activity Level: Medium

Activity Target:

The activity is designed in such a manner that it forces members to think and work together keeping the bigger goal in mind. Members have to be extremely focused and coordinated to execute the task at hand. They also learn resource management and working well under intense pressure.

Key Takeaways:


As the execution of any project requires the assistance of multiple people, coordination takes on prime importance in ensuring that everybody is working in synergy. This activity further reinforces how valuable it is to coordinate effectively with your team members. This understanding is reflected in the work scenario as well.

Building strong processes

This activity showcases the significance of building strong processes that will carry the project from start to end without any hiccups. Only when one step is executed to precision can the next step be taken.

Effective communication

This activity sheds light on the need for effective communication in any given project. As the task requires everybody to work in tandem with each other, it simply cannot be executed without members across all levels communicating coherently.

Resource handling

Each team is assigned only a certain number of wooden blocks that have to be used judiciously to design the tower. This activity demonstrates the need for effective resource management and employees begin to understand the situation from the company’s point of view. This learning gets carried on to the workplace as well.

Team Synchronization

The activity is a complex one where the members have to be in complete sync with each other to execute it effectively. One wrong move on anybody's part and the entire team suffers. Members comprehend just how important team synchronisation is in getting positive results.


20 Mins

Activity Time

20 - 200

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

Group 14Created with Sketch.CORECompetenciesCoordinationEffectivecommunicationDecisionmakingResourcehandlingTeamSynchronizationBuildingstrong processes

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