Frequently Asked Questions

                         Few Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of team building activities?

Team building activities are usually planned to promote and improve the excellence of communications between members of a team by learning about each other while having common experiences.

2. Why Is Team Building Important for Groups?

Achievement for any group of people whether in business, entertainment, sport or charity comes down to how well the team performs together. Team building is important to build a consistent, functional, interested and importantly happy team.

3. What are the results of team building program?

You say us what outcomes you would like to attain and we’ll classify and customize a program to achieve your purposes. In general, you can expect our team building activities to advance your team in communication, team bonding, teamwork, leadership, project management, responsibility, and having fun!

4. What does a typical team building day include?

Ice-breakers, OTS & team-engagement activities, project management & leadership team building activities, special hours for discussions and reflection after each activity, & closing celebration. Check our fun team building activities to explore the different categories of team activities that we offer.

5. What are the indoor team building activities that you provide during corporate day outing?

We provide various fun team activities that can be conducted indoor. Some of the most fun indoor activities are Pyramid building, Triggertronics, Remoto Car Challenge, Roller Coaster, Drum Jam Session, etc. You can also check our indoor team building activities to explore more activities.

6. What kind of outdoor team building activities that you offer?

At Trebound, we offer various outdoor team activities to our client’s which is fun and adventurous as well. Some of the outdoor team activities that are most liked by our clients are Raft Building, Kontiki Boat Building Challenge, Junkyard Sales, Fire-walk Challenge, Glass-walk Challenge, etc. Also, check our outdoor team building activities page to explore more outdoor activities.

7. What happens if it rains when we have planned an outdoor team building activity?

Rain is not a common problem. However, we are equipped to have “plan b” prepared if inclement weather is a strong possibility. We aim to anticipate these issues and make alternate measures in advance. Most of our fun team bonding programs can be conducted either outdoors or indoors, so if it rains, we will be prepared to move the program indoors.

8. Some activities look dangerous or physically difficult? I’m concerned about my employee’s safety.

It is very rare for someone to become injured in a program. Numerous safety precautions have been done to guarantee the fundamental integrity of safety schemes related to outdoor experiential programs. When these systems are working, the degree of danger is negligible. We want our team building programs to be fun and enjoyable. Fear of injury or intimidation has no place in our programs.

9. What is the difference between experiential learning program and team building program?

Experiential learning is a field of knowledge that efforts on the practices and courses for using the direct experience to endorse personal and interpersonal understanding and growth. Team building is ground within corporate training as well as the development that promotes the use of effective processes in problem-solving, communication and organizational consciousness within teams in an organization.

10. Do you offer other activities other than the ones detailed on the website?

Absolutely yes. Though we have performed many exciting team building events with a range of activity choices that simply have to be experienced to be thought, we have only highlighted those which have proved to be popular, but we also offer even more choices.

11. What is a charity team building or Corporate Social Responsibility program?

Charity team building or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are where your team contributes to a charity done a readily-built team building program. It can be a charity of your option or we can source a charity for your team to support. The outcome of these programs is frequently somewhat tangible or of value that can be contributed to the charity or community group.

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