Indoor Team Building Games: Rainy Day Fun


Rainy days can dampen team spirit when everyone is stuck inside. But with some creativity, managers can turn dreary weather into an opportunity for productive indoor team building.

The suitable rainy-day team activities promote problem-solving, communication, and relationship-building within teams. They allow coworkers to see each other’s strengths, thinking styles, and talents shine.

This article will explore 11 of the most fun and engaging indoor team building games for rainy days or weather.

According to a Gallup study, only 33% of employees strongly agree that they can trust what their manager says. There is room for improvement in developing trust in the workplace. With the right kind of team building initiative, you can begin fostering trust between coworkers.

  1. The Egg Drop Challenge

    This STEM-inspired activity promotes innovation and creative problem-solving. Challenge teams to design packages to prevent raw eggs from cracking when dropped from increasing heights. They’ll practice engineering principles while working together to ideate, test, and refine their designs.

  2. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

    Send teams on missions to find randomized indoor items and take creative pictures with them. To add friendly competition, award points for speed, teamwork, and how well photos match your silly prompts. Scavenger hunts energize teams and transform rainy days with playful adventures.

  3. Jeopardy-Style Trivia

    Host a customized trivia game covering company history, culture, products, and inside jokes. Break into teams to buzz in and score points for correct answers. Trivia builds camaraderie through laughter and friendly competition.

  4. Indoor Mini-Golf

    Unleash teams’ creative sides by having them design and build innovative mini-golf holes using office supplies. Take turns testing each other’s holes and keep friendly score. This activity builds problem-solving, collaboration, and fun.

  5. The Marshmallow Challenge

    Pit teams against the clock to build the tallest freestanding structure using spaghetti sticks, string, tape, and a marshmallow topper. This activity emphasizes prototyping under pressure, creative design, and working together efficiently.

  6. Photo Scavenger Hunt

    Equip teams with phones or cameras and send them to capture photos of cryptic items around your office. For example, “something that reminds you of your childhood” or “a view from a new perspective.” Teams will get creative while exploring the workplace together.

  7. Indoor Escape Room

    Immerse teams in an exciting game where they race to decode clues, unlock boxes, and puzzle their way out of a tricky indoor escape room you design. This builds critical thinking, communication, and teamwork under pressure.

  8. Two Truths and a Lie

    Have each person share two true facts about themselves and one lie. Their team must guess which statement is false. This icebreaker game helps coworkers get to know each other better in an engaging way.

  9. Indoor STEM Challenges

    Pose engaging STEM challenges like building the tallest tower from marshmallows and toothpicks or designing a parachute to land an egg gently. Teams will exercise creativity, critical thinking, and scientific principles.

  10. Office Olympics

    Stage mini-Olympics with games like chair swivel races, wastebasket basketball free throws, cubicle putt-putt golf, and more goofy fun. Tap into healthy competition and camaraderie. Give medals made from aluminum foil!

  11. Talent Show

    Let coworkers showcase their hidden talents by performing skits, lip sync battles, comedy routines, or music performances. This activity builds morale and stronger connections through laughter and applause.

Does your team need an energizing indoor team building activity to brighten rainy days or any weather? The team building experts at Trebound use customized games and challenges to foster deeper engagement, collaboration, and relationships among teams. Contact us today to brainstorm indoor team building solutions tailored for your unique workforce.


Q: What are some good indoor team building games?

A: Great indoor team building games include escape rooms, scavenger hunts, trivia, STEM challenges, talent shows, and modified sports like indoor mini-golf or office Olympics.

Q: How do you make team building activities fun?

A: Make team building activities fun by incorporating friendly competition, laughter, creativity, movement, and opportunities to shine. Customize activities to tap into your team’s interests and talents.

Q: What are team building activities to improve communication?

A: Escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and trivia are great for improving communication because teams must constantly discuss, strategize, and problem solve together.

Q: What are some unique indoor team building ideas?

A: Unique indoor team building ideas include officeolympics, STEM design challenges like the egg drop or the marshmallow challenge, customized escape rooms, and modified sports using office supplies.

Q: How do you build strong teams indoors?

A: Build strong teams indoors using games and challenges that require collaboration, problem-solving, creativity, communication, strategizing, and laughter. This brings out people's strengths and connections.


Rainy weather can dampen team bonding, but with imagination and ingenuity, managers can turn indoor confinement into engaging team building opportunities. Use these indoor activities to spark deeper connections, stronger collaboration, and renewed innovation across your team, rain or shine. The sky's the limit when it comes to indoor team building!

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