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We specialize in end-to-end facilitation that includes Team building activities, Hospitality, Evening Entertainment and on special request, transportation.
We've brought together a rich mix of venues at most of the India, so you can find just what you need for your event.

Trebound aids in finding the right venues for your conference, outbound and managing end to end venue booking services.

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Why Book Venue With US?

The successful and memorable corporate events don’t JUST happen. The event management requires lot planning, attention to detail, the right network, the appropriate understanding of the requirements, audience awareness, creativity, and, the list goes endless. The venue makes a great difference in the way that the events happen. In fact, the venues can be the ‘making’ or the ‘breaking’ point for a successful event.

Understanding the event requirements before booking the venue

When it comes to venue booking, the pre-planning efforts and the requirement of a teamwork are huge irrespective of the hours or days the events are. It starts with understanding the purpose behind the event. If it is an official get together and requires a formal set-up like conference, functions, inauguration ceremonies, the venue requires a different ambiance. If it is a fun team outing or the corporate looking for a team outing or planning to conduct activities to build stronger teams, the different thought process and planning is required here.

Venue booking is more than reserving a place made of Bricks and Mortar

We do not value ‘venue booking’ as merely reserving a place made of bricks and mortar. It is undeniably beyond that. We understand that the values, emotions, and life of people getting into shape and key decisions been made in the background when the events occur. Our thinking process and the planning start from the end result and hence, the utmost priority is given to understanding the audience first.

Audience doesn’t mean a mere number

When we say audience, it is again not a mere number, whereas a team or a group of individuals who are going to be present, share their thoughts, take the important decisions, understand their strengths and weaknesses and be recognised. The venue must meet the emotional requirement of the event being conducted. The venue must reflect the success of the event, boost the energy levels of the audience and complement the activities happening there.

Understanding the limitations and doing beyond

The success of any event is depending on understanding the limitations up front. When things can be done by effectively managing the limitations without compromising the quality, what else one should worry about. The innovative thought processes, goodwill along with the beautiful networking capabilities and communication management aid Trebound in mitigating all the challenges that can occur with venue booking.

Communication is the key in making it a prodigious event and a great corporate team outing

Getting hold of the right people at the venue, checking the feasibility, mapping with the budget, negotiating the price and make it fit your budget, the communication to and forth can be cumbersome. Right from understanding the requirements, venue selecting, booking, organising activities based on the goal & the purpose of the event, the dedicated team has defined strategic communication processes to make it a huge success.

With 20+ years of combined experience and the hand-picked venues, the Trebound team has roundabout solutions to pass through the limitations and make the corporate events, team building activities and corporate team outbound a grand success.

Handpicked Venues

Handpicked Venues

More than 200+ Handpicked Venues across regions ideal Team Outing


8 States from different zones and their offbeat destinations to suit your need
End to End Management

End to End Management

Our Trip Managers ensure that your team have a smooth and hassle free team outing
Best Rates

Best Rates

Our Goodwill and network with featured resorts allow us to provide you rates in your budget

How it works?

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You tell us your requirements in detail:location you prefer, no of people, budget etc It is imperative that you tell us your specifications in detail

Recieve Quotations

Basis your request, we will suggest a few suitable venues and share it with you. We can go to & fro on this to fulfil your need. Our team ensures best options at best price

Select Venue

You select the Venue from the suggested ones and customise other logistic needs that you may have. DJ, Conference Facility, Extra Meals can be added afterwards.


Once shortlisted, we will complete the formalities with you and book the venue on your behalf for an unforgettable experience. Just leave the arrangements to us.

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