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Located amid the Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is one of the most pristine locations for corporate team outings. It is closer for corporates looking for team offsite from Bangalore and Chennai, both. The serenity of the place, the beaches and the french heritage, sets up the right mood for an overall team engagement. To add to the fun of the team, Trebound can assist in beach based team activities and special themes like Pirates of Caribbean, Amazing Race, Beach Olympics and many more. Trebound can also assist in booking your stay at one of our selected resort.

In a research article on the ‘Effects of Coastal Environment on Well-being’ published by ‘The journal of Coastal Zone Management’, the coastal zones are considered as therapeutic landscapes. The research done by Chenchen Peng, Kazuo Yamashita and Eiichi Kobayashi from the Graduate School of Maritime Sciences, Kobe University, Japan conclude that the coastal landscapes develop positivity, elevating the level of maturity and balance the psychological behaviour well.

Want a coastal area to advocate the Emotional Intelligence in your team? Take them to the best corporate team places in Pondicherry, the coastal town that is full of surprises and lot fun.

Make the Kings, Queens and knights from your teams and build leadership qualities

Goa makes the perfect destination to instill leadership qualities in your team by engaging them with the medieval theme based team building games. Assemble your armies. How about using catapults, potato guns, and castle build offs? Doesn’t it sound super fun and exciting? Even though the games sound fun, there is lot capabilities hidden here. You are strategically positioned in the front and see the enemy clearly. Your team is awaiting your instructions, but your instruction will put your team in danger. How would you manage such situations?

What a better way than this game to make one understand the value of leadership positions and decision-making abilities?

Give the ‘sharks’ from your team a wonderful life and an amazing experience in Pondicherry

The perfect destination to give the ‘sharks’ from your team an opportunity to dip in the ocean. How about a slow-paced swimming in the shallow blue diamond of the Arabian sea? There is absolutely no end to craziness, wilderness and fun in all the corporate team outing places in Pondicherry.

The location makes Pondicherry as one of the best corporate team outing places in southern part of India

Even though, the south India has many beautiful beaches and the coastal spots, not all the venues are fit enough to have corporate team outings. Since Pondicherry is too close to Chennai and Bangalore, the tech and industry hubs of South India, there are various places fit to have team building activities and corporate team outings in Pondicherry. The easy to reach venue within few hours of beautiful journey by road, the travel to Pondicherry itself makes it a unique experience for your team.

Pondicherry is the best corporate team outing place to conduct team building games with the inimitable themes

Want to pick the legendary ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ from your team? Find out ‘Johnny Depp’ and play ‘the Pirates of the Caribbean’ game to bring out the leaders from your team. Pass through various warped puzzles and tricky surges to reach out to the treasure. What happens when your team plays the ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ themed game in one of the beautiful corporate team outing venues in Pondicherry? The creativity, lateral thinking, quick learning ability, coordination skills are the few capabilities your team will build.

Building more leaders in your team will make you a great leader, right?

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Know more about this enthralling destination with our beach based themes for your team.

Jungle survival

Corporate Master Chef

Who doesn't love cooking (or the eating). We have a real cook off challenge here with no utensils being spared. Teams must buy the items from stores, use their resources and time effectively to come up with the best tasting dish!
Amazing race

Amazing race

Straight out of the famed TV show fused with Team building activities, mind bending clues and Plot twists, this theme is set to make your pulse racing!
Adventure Theme

Beach Olympics

Beach volley ball, Sand racing, Sand castle build off – The perfect theme for a team that loves the surf, sun and sand. Oh yes! We can club some crazy water sports too!
Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Solve equations, Build complex stable bonds, and attack! Teams must set out to defeat their opponents by being quicker, smarter and by always being one step ahead to win.
Sports Olympics

Sports Olympics

Relay races, Human foosball Tourney, Water volleyball and a bunch of crazy, sporty and out of the world activities set for the sportsmen and women of the corporate world!
Tribal warfare

Pirate theme

Ahoy Pirates! Gang ye’ mates and set sails on high seas to seek ol’ red beard’s Treasure. Be vary lads, for the path we take is filled with crooked puzzles and devious tides.

Because Stay Matters

In our resort recommendation, we try to suggest only those venues that will make your team's stay comfortable. We wish to suggest you the most unique and comfortable locations that are good mix of leisure and activities.


Le Pondy, Pondicherry


Ocean Spray, Pondicherry


The Dunes, Pondicherry


The Windflower, Pondicherry


Club Mahindra, Pondicherry


Accord, Pondicherry

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