The 20-20 Challenge

Virtual Team Building Activity

20 - 30 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
20-20 Challenge is a complete online team-building activity. Employees can participate through any laptop or desktop having an internet connection.
15 - 150
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
Where you can pet your dog and speak with the boss at the same time!
The 20-20 Challenge |
The 20-20 Challenge |
'20-20 challenge' involves a bunch of interesting and funny tasks that need to be done in a limited amount of time. The list will only be told once and won't be repeated, so the employees must pay attention to the list. Pen, paper, and maybe running shoes are all you need! And brace yourselves as this game is not at all as easy or as simple as it sounds! So get ready for a some fast paced thrills.
Vivek Chettri, British Deputy High Commission
Corporate Services Officer
Trebound organized a team outing for our office in Jan 2018. It truly was a wonderfully organized event where the activity that they had for us (Race the Picture) perfectly captured the objectives that we had set for the day. Along with it, they also took care of making all the arrangements at the Resort and the entire team was very happy with all the arrangements. Thank you team Trebound for making our Away Day memorable and enriching.
Deeksha shetty, Mindtree
Senior Associate, HR
One of the best training I have ever attended. It's amazing how they got the entire team together. Right from the ice breaker to the list of activities were properly planned. Kudos to the team.
How The 20-20 Challenge adds value to team?
In this challenge, participants need to sort the order of important things that need to be done first. Then, team members need to develop criteria to determine which task is more important. Finally, prioritization helps them in group projects where they need to do multiple tasks and figure out which one is the top priority.
In this activity, teams need clear planning to successfully complete the tasks within the given time limit. When it comes to workplace scenarios, proper planning of the project or task is required to yield the desired result. This game helps the members work together, plan carefully, and insightfully to achieve the best.
This activity improves the team's efficiency as it enhances the ability to produce maximum output with minimum input. In addition, it improves the ability to prioritize and plan the execution optimally.
Time Management
In this activity, the members need to complete all tasks within the given time limit. Therefore, time management is extremely crucial here. Furthermore, at the workplace, team members are often required to produce the best work in the least time. Thus time management has become crucial in getting the tasks done under deadlines.
One of the '20-20 challenge' tasks is to collect a total minimum of 10 random objects. In that case, the team members need to take ownership and responsibility in collecting as many things as possible to increase the chances of success. Furthermore, this activity helps team members understand the importance of taking complete responsibility for their assigned tasks at work.

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