The Aliens Have Landed

Virtual Team Building Activity

20 - 30 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Aliens have landed is an online team building activity. Employees can participate through any laptop or a desktop having internet connection.
15 - 150
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
Where you can pet your dog and speak with the boss at the same time!
The Aliens Have Landed |
The Aliens Have Landed |
The aliens have landed is an activity that creatively combines dumb charades and pictionary. This game can be very useful for teams with language and cultural differences. Imagine a UFO landing in front of your office today. You and your team are the first responders and need to find the reason for their visit. But, unfortunately, the aliens do not speak any earthly languages. Therefore, it is on your team to figure out the best way to communicate with them. ‘Aliens have landed ’ is a trending activity among remote employees worldwide. Assemble your team and figure out what the extraterrestrials want.
Deepa V, SAP Labs
Development Manager
Our experience with Trebound has been great so far. We engage with Trebound for our yearly team offsite. The energy the team exudes is infectious. They make even the simplest activities different by adding their twist to it. This year we did the Kontiki boat building and sailing challenge and the experience was just out of the world. It’s nothing like we ever did in the last 10+ years. Looking forward to many more years of association with Trebound and each time the bar is set higher. Kudos to the group.
Trupthi venkatesh, Mindtree
Senior Associate
If you want your team to have an amazing time during your outings- Trebound is your answer! The games were very innovative and enjoyable. The teams were completely involved and everyone had a blast! The trainer and organizer were very approachable and had amazing energy! Thank you, team Trebound- looking forward to more!
How The Aliens Have Landed adds value to team?
Communication is prime in teamwork. This activity requires the team to discuss the possible solutions and the pathways for finding a way to communicate with the aliens. Creating a platform where employees feel free to discuss ideas is essential for arriving at a common solution. Enabling more open conversations at the workplace will help employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions on any task or project, creating a strong team culture.
Culture Inclusivity
Often employees have different behaviors and strategies in dealing with workplace scenarios. It often leads to opinion differences. As a result, employees often shy away from sharing opinions in key areas, which damages the work culture. Our facilitators have developed a fun way to address the given problem. As the activity progresses, the team finds it easier to agree on a few ideas to work on from a huge list of suggestions.
Collaboration between the teams is a must for the team to complete any given task successfully. This activity, 'The Aliens Have landed,' enhances collaboration and efficiency through increased communication, planning, management, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Team members fall naturally into their comfortable roles after participating in this activity which helps in clearing the initial hurdles otherwise caused.
'The Aliens Have Landed' activity ensures that all the members in the team support, promote, and strive for the same goals working as a team. Without alignment, there is no real purpose and benefit of any work because the members would have hypothetically taken different trains to different destinations, leading to a lost cause.
This activity involves team members sharing suggestions and feedback on each idea. Empathy plays a key role while understanding the depth of an individual's idea as it may or may not pan out to be successful. In addition, team members need to understand that the ideas suggested are for a common goal, i.e., finding a way to communicate with the aliens. Fostering empathy at work creates a good ideation culture and boosts team morale.

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