Blind Origami

Virtual Team Building Activity

20 - 30 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Indoor and Outdoor
This fun activity is completely made for the remote team which they can do it in front of their computer or laptops
15 - 35
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
Where you dose off during online meetings!
Blind Origami |
Blind Origami |
Origami is a beautiful Japanese art form of paper folding. It needs concentration, patience and precision. The team members have to make origami, but here’s the catch: it’s to be done only through audio instructions. Learning origami always requires a lot of visual input. You would remember your art teacher pointing on the paper and saying, ‘turn this corner and fold it like this,’ but in this game, you will be told something like, ‘take the top left corner and bring it towards the bottom right corner.’ You would be quite surprised with the outcomes of the various origamis formed when this change occurs.
How Blind Origami adds value to team?
Communication is prime in workplace relations and is paramount in collaboration to be successful. One learns to communicate clearly through this exercise. The instructions are crisp and clear, helping the employees to understand how to deliver their detailed messages in a short and direct way. This helps them in everyday communication, helping them to communicate in a better way through which the message is understood completely without excess time wasted.
Listening Skills
The utmost important thing here is listening skills. You hear when the speaker is audible to you. But you listen when you can understand what the person is saying and in some cases like this one, follow the instructions given by the person. In this task, one needs to give their undivided attention to what the person is saying. The team members need to focus on the voice of the instructor and be able to do those same steps correctly. Listening skills are developed which later help in efficiency of the work done due to clarity in what needs to be done solely through verbal instructions.
The other essential thing in this activity is visualization power. The members need to be able to visualize the instructions and convert the audio to video in their heads, thinking of how the folds should be done, how they are supposed to look, and also being able to predict what can come next. In any team, visualization of a task or project is a must, for the team members need to have clarity in their mind about what the project is, how its supposed to be done and what the result of it would be. Just having listening skills won’t help if the team members don’t have the power of visualization, as the team would otherwise be lost. Visualization sometimes goes hand-in-hand with listening skills but there are a lot of times where the person needs to be creative enough to be able to see the product before designing it.
When listening to the instructor, you need to step in his shoes, see the paper through his eyes using just his words. This is empathy, and this is a very essential part of strong relationships. In a workplace, it is important to have strong personal and professional relationships and because of that, it is indirectly but equally important to have empathy. This game helps just in that and develops empathy for assisting the employees to better understand their relationship with their colleagues as well as clients. Understanding the client better will help them to work in a way that the client wants and be able to make the perfect product – what the client had in mind combined with your ideas.
Problem Solving
This game is a great way to understand and simplify problem-solving. This game helps in getting the members familiar with the dynamics of problem-solving as well as getting an idea of where everybody lies in this situation. It can also be seen which member of the team would be better for solving a particular kind of problem. At work, there are always going to be problems that require analytical thinking. Because to solve a problem is to first completely understand it in order to find a solution.

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