Hacker Trackdown

Virtual Team Building Activity

90 - 120 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Hacker Trackdown is an online team-building activity. Employees can participate through any laptop or desktop having an internet connection.
15 - 100
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
Where you can pet your dog and talk to your boss at the same time!
Hacker Trackdown | Trebound.com
Hacker Trackdown | Trebound.com
'Hacker Trackdown' is an intense and super thrilling virtual team building activity. A few story snippets from the activity: Imagine you are at the office one morning and none of your systems work. You soon find out that your systems have been hacked. Primary diagnostics indicate that sensitive information and top-secret files of your company have been compromised. The hacker has left behind a video file for you to decipher. The hacker plans to sell your organization's sensitive information to a rival organization for a huge profit. The situation demands you to assemble a task force to stop the hacker from releasing the information before it's too late. Decipher secret messages, solve complex puzzles and track down the hacker within 60 minutes.
Richard Lobo, Infosys
Executive Vice President & Head HR
I have never seen something which is so engaging and something that can captivate a senior-level audience.
Kaarthik Sundararajan, PM Global
Mechanical Engineer
Trebound organized an office outing for us early in Jan 2019 and I definitely would say that it was brilliant. Everything from the time we stepped into the resort was set up well and the transition from Breakfast to activities was seamless. I would give extra kudos to the team for managing the whole thing without a hiccup and also with arranging the activities which were fun. Thanks, Trebound for an awesome day out, would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for team and office outings
How Hacker Trackdown adds value to team?
Problem Solving
Figuring out the problem and framing a solution is quite simple but getting there is a complex process. Different combinations could play out in this activity, but the team needs to develop an ideal procedure and find the hacker before it's too late. Defining the problem is almost always easy at the workplace, but finding the best solution following the right methods is important. This activity helps employees to create methods to solve problems and execute them successfully.
Communication is an important aspect of teamwork. This activity requires team members to communicate the possible solutions on an open platform. Creating a platform where employees feel free to discuss ideas is essential for arriving at a common, unified solution. The same reflects in workplaces, enabling more open-ended conversations where the employees would feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions on any task or project.
This activity involves team members sharing suggestions and feedback on each idea. Again, empathy plays a key role while understanding the depth of an individual's idea as it may or may not pan out to be successful. In addition, team members need to understand that the ideas suggested are for a common goal, i.e., stopping the hacker. It creates a good ideation culture and boosts team morale.
Collaboration between the teams is a must for the team to complete any given task successfully. This activity enhances collaboration and efficiency through increased communication, planning, management, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Team members fall naturally into their comfortable roles after participating in this activity which helps in clearing the initial hurdles otherwise caused.
Decision making
This activity needs accurate, quick, and the most appropriate decisions to be made. Team members have to come up with an appropriate solution through unanimous decisions to complete the task successfully. It becomes interesting to observe and analyze the congruency of decisions among team members.

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