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Virtual Team Building Activity

60 - 90 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Indoor and Outdoor
This fun activity is completely made for the remote team which they can do it in front of their computer or laptops
30 - 60
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
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Mega Mind |
Mega Mind |
This is a fun and informative general quiz that will test each member’s knowledge and acumen. Who was the 21st president of India? Where was the 30th Olympic Games hosted? Who won the FIFA WorldCup championship in 2010? What is the capital of Kenya? Who won in the battle of Panipat? Who was cast for the role of Manikdas Gupta in the film Guru? The trivia could be on any topic under the sun! So, Who in your team is a ‘Megamind’?
How Mega Mind adds value to team?
Problem Solving
In this activity, the problem and the solution are quite simple. The problem is the question and the solution is the answer to that question. But these trivia questions can be really difficult. There are times where there is confusion between two or more answers and one of them needs to be decided and there are times when the members are unsure of one answer or come up empty-handed. At times like these, the members need to figure out a way to find out the right questions without cheating. At the workplace, the team members need to come up with solutions to a problem the same way to manoeuvre around the obstacles they face and this activity will help them in that.
The members need to communicate and agree over the answer. One person answering a question is not ideal because that means the team is not working. For the team to be functioning smoothly, the team needs to communicate and make unanimous decisions rather than just one person deciding the fate of the project. This activity helps the member in understanding the crucial part of communication, even in a situation like this where there is time constraint.
The members of the team need to listen to each other’s answers and empathize with them to understand their viewpoints. At the workplace, there are often times where an idea that is brilliant is scraped off because it couldn’t be explained in a way that everyone understands. This activity helps the team members in empathizing both the times - when they are presenting an idea and when they are listening to one. This way they will know how to explain so that others understand but will also help them in understanding the viewpoint of a person who is presenting an idea.
In this activity, the team members need to put their heads together and share their ideas, suggestions, opinions and constructive criticism because this game is more than merely answering the questions that are asked. Without collaboration, a team is going to fail. This activity helps in strengthening their collaboration.
Decision Making
The teams need to make unanimous decisions over what the answer is going to be. Like aforementioned, there are going to be times where the answer is not definitive. The team needs to make a decision over which they all feel is the correct answer. At the office, the members of the team will have to make many decisions - small and big - and the unanimity as well as the unity of the team is crucial for the teams to come to a correct collective decision - after careful consideration of all the opinions, ideas suggestions placed on the table.

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