Team TV Cribs

Virtual Team Building Activity

No Time Limit
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Indoor and Outdoor
This fun activity is completely made for the remote team which they can do it in front of their computer or laptops
15 - 20
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met
This activity can be done anywhere across the world as the team are going to do it in front of their laptop or computer screen
Team TV Cribs |
Team TV Cribs |
Think House Hunters or MTV Cribs. This is a “hilarious” way to get to know your remote team members. Each team member will take a short video showing off their home and some of their favourite things. This activity allows team members to get to know one another on a more personal basis and can lead to feelings of welcomeness and friendship. This game may be better suited for small teams, but it’s surely a great way to get the personal feels going.
Manoj R, MUGF Bank
VP Admin
We all had a blast and people are saying it's their favourite offsite to date! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to the event! The feedback from the event has been super positive. You all are stellar, and I can't wait to use you again!
Sivakumar V, Evora IT
Head of Operations
We, Evora IT Solutions engaged Trebound for our annual team outbound at Vythri Village, Waynad and we are extremely happy with the decision we made. Their professional approach to the event showed out in every interaction we had with them right from getting to know what they can offer us and to detail planning of the event itself. Wonderful and energetic coaches in Gautam and James and on-time completion of all activities made the event a memorable one. Kudos to the entire team.
How Team TV Cribs adds value to team?
Team Bonding
This activity is known to enhance the team's coordination and bonding which will help them work even better together on future projects that are critical to your company.
Finding Similarities
Finding similarities will help your team members to feel more related and work better together. This activity will do that part for your team.
An unbreakable trust is formed when team members rely on each other to do the right thing. Team TV cribs will help in building trust as teams have to get divided and work on individual tasks hoping to fall on the winning side.
This activity will help in breaking the insecurity shell and restrictions that often hinder team members to speak out.
Mutual Respect
Teams will understand the importance of each others work though they have different roles in the activity. This will create a sense of Mutual respect between them.

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