The Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Team Building Activity

60 - 90 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Virtual Escape Room is a completely online team-building activity. Employees can participate through any laptop or desktop having an internet connection.
15 - 130
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
Where you can pet your dog and speak with the boss at the same time!
The Virtual Escape Room |
The Virtual Escape Room |
The Science Lab Virtual Escape Room is one of our best-selling activities. You and your team are locked in a science lab and have been given 60 minutes to get out. There are puzzles involving secret codes, mysterious paintings, lock combinations, and a lot more for your aid to figure out the unlock code. Will, your team make it out in time? Will your team be able to work efficiently and solve all the riddles and puzzles before the other team does?
Andrew F, British Deputy High Commission
British Deputy High Commissioner
A lot of skills that the team reflected on during this team building activity and we look forward to using them back at the office.
Manoj R, MUFG Bank
VP Admin
We all had a blast and people are saying it's their favorite offsite to date! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to the event! The feedback from the event has been super positive. You all are stellar, and I can't wait to use you again!!
How The Virtual Escape Room adds value to team?
Collaboration between the teams is a must for the team to complete any given task successfully. This activity enhances collaboration and efficiency through increased communication, planning, management, strategic thinking, and teamwork. Team members fall naturally into their comfortable roles after participating in this activity which helps in clearing the initial hurdles otherwise caused.
'Virtual Escape Room' involves analyzing critical factors and variables for the teams to escape the room successfully. Thus, strategic thinking plays an important role in determining the output. Teammates will also improve their ability to overcome obstacles while thinking on their feet, which is necessary in today's competitive work environment.
Teams need clear planning to get out of the room quickly without being stuck. Without proper planning, the project or task assigned will not yield the desired result. This game helps the members work together, plan carefully, and insightfully get to the optimal path and achieve the best.
Virtual Escape Room requires participants to take the leadership role and help the team envision the path to escape the room. Teams are required to communicate the intangible steps, help people understand and commit to them.
The team must be on the same page to find a way out of the locked room. They need to be going in the direction with the same determination to achieve the ultimate unanimous goal. This activity helps in gaining that unanimity and understanding the stand of individual team members. Alignment is of utmost importance in this remote world as each team member needs to agree on the common end goal of any task.

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