Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual Team Building Activity

60 - 90 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Virtual Murder Mystery is an online team building activity. Employees can participate through any laptop or desktop having an internet connection.
15 - 130
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
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Virtual Murder Mystery |
Get Ready For Mind-Boggling Twists And Turns
Ever wanted to solve a murder mystery? Here's your chance. Trebound brings a super thrilling online team-building activity, "Virtual Murder Mystery." Breaking news has just hit the town about a murder in a nearby hotel. You and your team play as a team of detectives. Your phone rings... a scared voice says, "A dead body is found in one of the rooms at our resort. There is blood everywhere. Please hurry!" Your team arrives. The forensics team is collecting evidence, and everyone in the resort is a possible suspect. Your team needs to investigate the suspects, run through the evidence quickly, and catch the murderer before they escape. Get ready for mind-boggling twists and turns that will leave you baffled. Trust no one, and everything is not what it seems. So leave no stone unturned and connect all the dots to find the murderer. Can you and your team deliver Justice?
Richard Lobo, Infosys
Executive Vice President & Head HR
I have never seen something which is so engaging and something that can captivate a senior-level audience.
Geetika Karol, Cerner Middle East
Team Lead, Sr. Learning Consultant
We allied with Trebound for our team outbound of 150 people. The Trebound team did a tremendous job with respect to team building activities, engaging the crowd and it was a flawless execution of the agenda planned. The energy level Anchit and team hold are tremendous. Hemanth was our POC and he took care of absolutely everything we needed on the spot. Thank you, team!!!! Looking forward to many more activities together. Cheers!!!
How Virtual Murder Mystery adds value to team?
Team members need to plan each step forward and take up the tasks accordingly. Without planning, the team members will lose their way forward in the investigation. When it comes to the workplace, proper planning is required for even the smallest tasks; otherwise, further steps would be unclear, and the team's collective focus is lost. This virtual team activity helps the members get more familiar with why they have a plan, understand its importance, and learn how and where they can improve - task management, time management, short-term and long-term goals, target determination, strategic direction, and process monitoring, amongst other things.
Time Management
Virtual murder mystery demands to be solved before the culprit can escape. The members need to perform the tasks in a limited time to catch the suspect. This fun corporate team activity gives a sense of urgency and helps the team members develop time management skills to complete tasks involving time constraints.
Out of The Box Thinking
Members of the team need to think creatively to bring justice. They need to think of ideas that others wouldn’t think of to stay ahead in the competition. In a competitive world like this, organizations need to build unique products that offer better solutions different from competitors. This activity helps activate the creative side of the employees.
Problem Solving
Figuring out the problem and framing a solution is quite simple but getting there is a complex process. There are many things to consider in this activity: was it a murder, or was it a suicide? Were there multiple people involved, or was it just one person? Different combinations could play out, but the team needs to develop an ideal procedure and solve the murder quickly. At the workplace, defining the problem is almost always easy as they come up to the teams in the form of obstacles, but finding the best solution by utilizing the right method is important. This activity will help employees to create methods to solve problems and execute them successfully.
Sherlock Holmes wouldn't solve the murders the same way without Dr. John H. Watson. While Sherlock has the powerful gift of deduction, he needs John for his sensitivity and understanding of human nature. Just like that, the team isn't complete and functional until all the members are contributing their skills and inputs to the project. The team members need to work hand in hand while having conversations, brainstorming sessions, improvisations, and planning, as each member's input is valuable in producing the desired outcome.

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