Virtual Team Building Activity

45 - 50 mins
This is an indicative timeline, it may vary depending on the delivery objectives.
Indoor and Outdoor
This fun activity is completely made for the remote team which they can do it in front of their computer or laptops
15 - 150
Can be customised for large batch sizes provided the other requirements are met.
Where you sing, dance and cook in your pyjamas all at once!
Windtalkers |
Windtalkers |
Seen the movie Imitation Game? In that movie, the audience is showed how decrypting a message is more than just knowing the language that it is encrypted in. Windtalkers is a game where the members have to decode messages written in NATO and Morse codes which they have to learn prior to the activity. The team who decodes the whole message first is the one that wins. The code can be anything and the members have to keep an open mind and strategically decode the message.
How Windtalkers adds value to team?
This game needs prep before the task. Also, while cracking the code, the members need to decide how to go about the message so that they don’t spend a lot of time on discussions. They also need to be able to separate the tasks for each person. This practice can be then easily incorporated in work where the employees resume a natural task of planning and role assigning.
Time Management
This game requires the members to solve the questions before the others and manage their time in a way that would allow them to not only complete the task but do it successfully with no errors. This is essential at work. This can be integrated, along with the derived efficiency and creativity of having the final product as the best that can be in the available resources.
Out of the box thinking
Cracking codes is not just about knowing what each of the characters stands for. You also need to be creative and analytic, being able to guess the words to crack them in a faster and therefore in a more efficient way. This practice will be extremely useful in work when the employees add out of the box thinking to their work to make the final product an appealing and a perfect one.
Problem Solving
The most obvious part of this game is problem-solving. The problem: The message is encrypted. TH e solution: To decrypt it. Here, the solution is clear but the members need to to figure out the best way to do it which is exactly what usually happens at work. The team members know the problem and the solution but have to come up with the best way to get to that solution.
This activity involves active communication ad transpiring of ideas which would inevitably lead to collaboration. The cohesiveness between the team increases and the member get more familiar with each other’s work and skill set which will help them in falling into the right role while working as a team not only in this activity but at the virtual office, too.

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