Stays in hyderabad
Hyderabad is a city buzzing with both old –world charm and modern amenities. Trebound can offer the best venue for your corporate team outing among hotels and resorts, a royal experience.
1. Team outing at Aalankrita Resort, Hyderabad

Aalankrita has emerged as one of the finest resort featuring a wide range of options and opportunities for Trebound and their client to have a memorable time in Hyderabad.
2. Team outing at Golkonda Resorts and Spa, Hyderabad

Golkonda resort offers state-of-the-art facilities and Trebound ensures an enriching stay and a truly memorable corporate team outing experience in Hyderabad.
3. Team outing at Leonia Resort, Hyderabad

The verdant oasis, Leonia Resort, Hyderabad, provides a tranquil and a fun-filled getaway for the corporate team. An array of adventure activities from Trebound assures to bring out the child in you.
4. Team Outing At Palm Exotica, Hyderabad

Palm Exotica is located on the Shankarpalli Highlands in Hyderabad. It is not too far off from the city but gives nature’s caressing love to the tired people looking for some rest and relaxation. It is easy to access resort and is served by various modes of transportation.
5. Team Outing At Mrugavani Resort, Hyderabad

Mrugwani Resort is an eco-friendly resort located close to the city of Hyderabad. Since it is an integral part of Mrugwani National Park, it also offers natural and scenic views to tired and stressed guests looking for some peace and quiet. It is located very close from the IT Hub and some of the most notable attractions of Hyderabad.
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Hyderabad, the host city to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, is an epicentre for entrepreneurship in India. The flagship of U.S giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple amongst many others has made their second home here. In its most recent phase of growth, the IT boom galvanized Hyderabad's outskirts into a major international hub. Apart from AP 's two other regions, Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra, many people from different parts of India and abroad, attracted by Hyderabad's resources, climate, and peaceful environment, have made its home.

Life is all about grabbing opportunities. If one gets an opportunity to visit Hyderabad, the land of pearls and Biryani, they should know how to acquire the prospects. Trebound can aid in identifying and obtaining such gems. The resorts in Hyderabad, with good landscape and architecture, bring in peace and relaxation to the tired minds and body.

Hyderabad, a Great Place to Indulge in Business and Leisure

Hyderabad, one of the busiest and most important cities in India, is also a tourist destination for the travellers and tourism enthusiasts. The city with its unique heritage, monuments, food and fantastic culture attracts lakhs of visitors every year and the season. If one is looking for a one-day outing or a few days break from work, there are equally enchanting places to visit around the city as well.

When it comes to corporate events or team outings, there are easily accessible resorts and hotels in Hyderabad that can break the monotony of desk work and pep up the teams with fun-filled activities. In most of these venues and locations, one gets to experience the amalgamation of state of the art facilities and nature. This fusion provides a soothing feel to the minds of the team members and, the process of unwinding begins the minute they step into these resorts and hotels.

With a relaxed mind and in a serene atmosphere the team gets charged to take up the challenging team building activities. Trebound, with its rich expertise, experienced faculties and well laid out activities, can enthuse the teams, push them to explore their limits and take up new challenges which can transform them as champions in the real-time scenario.

These offsite venues in Hyderabad with their space, amenities and friendly staff set a right base for a fun-filled leisure team outing for corporate. All these places are designed and equipped to conduct company outings for a small as well as a large crowd up to 1000+ members.

Hyderabad Resorts to Experience the Best Corporate Team Outings

“A man on foot, on horseback or a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourist can in a hundred miles.” – Edward Abbey

As rightly said as above an open space can create open minds. Summer Green Resort situated on the highway of the state is one of the best places for corporate team outing places in Hyderabad. The resort has many coconut and mango trees too where conducting team building games like Trust Walk can highly benefit the teams.

Golkonda Resort with a blend of five-star amenities and nature is also one of the favourite places for team outings. The natural background will undoubtedly be the right spot to conduct many events where the leadership or thinktanks of the companies get to make critical decisions.

Not only the outdoor activities but the compelling indoor team building game like Rod Bending can also be done in one of the conference hall, meeting room or any indoor area of these resorts too. Based on the number of people attending the event, Trebound helps their clients to choose the right venue, conduct team bonding exercises and take care of end to end organizing the events.

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