Stays in indore
Indore, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is a great tourist spot that abodes perfect amalgamation of ancient and modern lifestyles. Trebound can help you in arranging a seamless corporate team outing here
1. Team outing at Chokhi Dhani, Indore

Set in sprawling acres of land, Choki Dhani Resort sport a traditional Rajasthani decor and is fully equipped with cottages for a relaxing stay. The warmth of the ambience and the ethnic Rajasthani cuisine makes one feel at the land of the desert, Rajasthan.
2. Team outing at Jhira Bagh Palace, Indore

Nestled serenely amidst the quaint and the lush greenery, Jhira Bagh Palace stands tall in its timeless glory in the very heart of the Malwa Plateau, in West Madhya Pradesh. The Palace is a light that remains undimmed, witnessing an era of treasured olden times that continues to reverberate in its walls.Take on a rendezvous of the oldworld charm and minimalist luxury at Jhira Bagh Palace, as the sun rises, lighting up the mood, as if by the lanterns of its glorious past, while a potent aura takes over as dusk sets in, ushering in magical, mystical evenings.
3. Team outing at Crescent Spa and Resort, Indore

The Crescent Spa & Resorts is the most popular destination on the map of Central India, where services is anything you want it to be. Crescent Spa & Resorts is situated in the premises of the very famous Crescent Water Park which is the most loved and preferred tourist destination of Indore. It offers the perfect ambience for just everything that defines luxury indulgence.
4. Team outing at The Red Maple Mashal, Indore

The Red Maple Mashal, located on the Rau- Pithampur road, offers a scenic and strategic location. Well- connected to the industrial hub in Pithampur as well as the educational centers, it is a meeting point for contemporary travelers, on a business or a pleasure trip. Located on a 4 lane major highway connecting the city to Dewas and Agra on the one end and to Mumbai on the other, it is an ideal destination for business travelers.
5. Team outing at Rewa Resort, Indore

For travellers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Indore, Rewa Resorts is a perfect choice. Situated only 68.8 km from the city centre, guests are well located to enjoy the town's attractions and activities. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city's must-see destinations. Rewa Resorts also offers many facilities to enrich your stay in Indore. This hotel offers numerous on-site facilities to satisfy even the most discerning guest.
6. Team outing at Dream World Village Resort, Indore

Dream World Resort is leading resort of Indore, blessed with a serene lake, state-of-art amenities and everything to make your celebrations special with very colourful and original interiors. Every member of their experienced staff delivers a genuine service from the heart.T he resort is opened to be reserved for various celebrations, Walk In welcomes for groups and families, Catering and outdoor seatings !! It is open at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner hours.
Popular Activities

Indore is a fast-growing city and the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. It is a prominent trading center and one of the most developed cities in the state. Its location along the edge of the Malwa Plateau makes it a great tourist destination. The city’s beautiful temples and palaces portray its rich culture and heritage. The people of Indore are considered to be warm and friendly.

It is also the only city in India that is home to both the prestigious institutes of IIT and IIM. Its proximity to the significant metros Mumbai and Delhi and the various scenic spots around makes it an ideal destination for a corporate team offsite.

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Recommended Venues and Activities in Indore

Experience the vibrant tradition of Rajasthan at the Chokhi Dhani Resort in Indore. This place has enchanted tourists for over two decades with its beautiful cottages painted with a splash of tastefully adorned Rajasthani décor. Get a mix of tradition with adventure at the water recreation park inside the resort. Enjoy go-karting, water slides, Aqua disco and some of the best virtual reality games here. Conduct the Drum Jam Session, a great team building activity to improve team spirit and motivation.

The Jhira Bagh Palace nestled amidst lush greenery is situated in West Madhya Pradesh in the heart of Malwa Plateau. Get a glimpse of the old-world charm here as you visit the historic Dhar region in the Malwa countryside. Don’t worry about the facilities – this place is a perfect mix of ancient feel with the modern touch. There are a lot of famous places in and around this area like the Hindola Mahal and the Bagh caves which are going to leave the beholder in awe of its beauty.

If you love water adventures, then head to the Crescent Spa and Resort, which houses a water park. This place is spread over vast areas of lush greens that helps you to unwind relax and get back to work with renewed energy. It also has conference rooms well equipped with the latest technology to conduct business meetings, product launches or conferences.

The Red Maple Mashal is a hill resort within the city along the Dewas- Agra highway that makes it an excellent place for quick corporate team outings and business meetings. Enjoy a ton of fun activities like billiards, golf or even cooking with the chef! The Rewa Resort is another great place located at a very relaxing location where you can have a peaceful bonding with nature. Alternatively, choose the Dream World Village Resort with a serene lake and state of the art amenities to conduct a well-rounded corporate team offsite

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