Stays in kabini
Select from our shortlisted corporate team outing places in Karnataka, we have a cumulative list of hotels, resorts and banquet halls for your next corporate team outing.
1. Team outing at Kabini River Lodge, Kabini

Are you planning a team outing for adventure enthusiasts? Trebound conducts lot fun team building activities in Kabini River Ledge at Kabini. Check out the special features and amenities available here.
2. Team outing at The Serai Resorts, Kabini

If you are looking at spending the corporate team outbound in the laps of the countryside, the Serai Resorts, Kabini is the best place. A fun outing with Trebound will make it a unique and serene experience for your team.
3. Team outing at Kabini Springs Resort, Kabini

If your heart beats to nature’s tune then a blissful experience awaits you at Kabini Springs Resort. Trebound can organize a corporate team outing, a mini-escape for your team, in this heavenly abode venue.
4. Team outing at Evolve Back (Orange County) Resort, Kabini

Organising corporate team outing requires careful planning and scheduling. Developing a partnership with Trebound will take away all the hurdles associated with team outings and you reap huge ROI.
5. Team outing at Red Earth, Kabini

Do you have a team full of adventure enthusiasts? Trebound conducts a lot of fun team building games in Red Earth Resort at Kabini. Check out the special features and amenities available here.
Popular Activities

Kabini has a wide variety of elements that promises to enthrall the nature lover in you. Be it lush green plantations, abundant wildlife or gorgeous waterfalls, Kabini has it all.

Recommend venues and activities in Kabini

Are you looking for a place where you can have an exciting adventure with your team? Kabini River Lodge, Kabini could be that place! Cycling, Trekking, biking and many more… Play the Multi-Ball ring or Spider Web with your team here.

Try The Serai Resorts, Kabini Springs Resort or even the Evolve Back (Orange County) Resort for that much-needed team get away from the hustle bustle of the city. In all the three resorts, you can conduct team building activities like Trust Walk, Pipeline, The Interlocker or Tic Tac Toe!

The Red Earth at Kabini is another excellent place to head with your team for fun team building games like F1 challenge, Key Punch, and Tetris tower. The options are plenty!

Team building activities help in boosting the morale of your team, a necessity in today’s competitive and stressful working environment. Plan a team outing to Kabini for that fun team building trip!

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