• Wear comfortable clothes and footwear (Preferably sports shoes. Slippers or Jimmy Choo High Heels will be definite No No!)
  • Personal medication must be carried. Do inform the facilitator regarding any health issues prior to the start of the activities. Basic first aid will be available with the facilitator.
  • Re-hydrate yourself properly during the day. Water will be made available at certain areas in the resort and at the activity centers.
  • Always listen to the facilitator’s instructions during the program.
  • Wear swimming costumes if using the swimming pool. You will not be permitted to use it with regular clothes.
  • You rarely get a chance to break out with your team, so try and mingle as much as possible with each other and have loads of fun!


  • MIA: Leaving your group without prior intimation would lead to confusion. Please inform your POC or a Trebound facilitator.
  • Do not consume any kind of drugs/alcohol before or during participation in the team building activities.
  • Do not ignore any medical issues if you suspect light fever, giddiness, vertigo, heatstroke etc. Inform the facilitator immediately!
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth before sanitizing your hands with sanitizer or soap.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended.



CAP, Mask & Gloves: Carry a comfortable cap or a hat to shield yourselves from the sun and mask and gloves to maintain social distancing norms.
WATER BOTTLES: Although you will have drinking water available at the resort, do carry your own bottle for your own convenience.
OUTDOOR ATTIRE: Considering the slew of the activities that you and your team will be involved in, comfortable clothing and footwear are recommended. It would be preferable that everyone stick to comfortable sports shoes.
PHOTO ID: Please carry any of the government approved identification cards with you.
PERSONAL MEDICINES: If any of you have a medical condition or if there are certain medicines that you ought to take, please make sure you carry them with you and please do inform our facilitators in advance.
EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES: Including outdoor gear, having an extra set of clothes is always advisable considering the activities involved. Also, please do carry your own towels.