About Team outing at The Ibnii, Coorg

The IBNII - Morning freshness

The meaning of Ibnii is ‘dewdrop’ which represents ‘morning freshness’. And yes, the resort truly gives you the experience of the freshness. Come and explore the nature sprawled across vast 120 acres.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk everywhere. The resort has electronic buggies to move around. The perfect blend of perfect privacy, perfect hospitability, and perfect relaxation. Get away from hustle bustle of busy office life and immerse in true relaxation in lush greenery along the lakeside. The unique eco-luxe resort follows practices of rainwater harvesting, waste management, reforestation projects and much more to conserve nature.

Where is it located?

Located just 261 km away from Bangalore, the resort makes a perfect gateway destination for your team. Only 5 hours drive through the highway and you go to a different relaxed, green world. Forget the stress, forget the deadlines. Take your team here, relax, bond and come back recharged.

The stay

Ever imagined staying in a treehouse? Well, Ibnii fulfils the wish with wooden cottages which are the closest match to tree houses. Luxury, premium, and family Arnetta Cottages are a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and nature. You are surrounded by lush green trees yet you enjoy comfort and premium decor.

Another accommodation option is pool villas - the ultimate and intimate luxury with a private vast swimming pool. All the cottages and the villas are comfortably furnished with world class luxurious king beds and all greater facilities that you can ask for. The pool villas also feature a Jacuzzi and are the best nesting spot amidst the wilderness.

Amenities & Activities

The Ibnii prides being an eco-luxury resort. This unique feature makes it stand away from the crowd. Almost everything in the resort is or can be recycled. The plastic bottles are banned on the property. Preserving nature is the only thing that we can give back to mother nature.

The resort’s spa services are a must visit. Relax..relax..relax. Relieve your body from stress and rejuvenate in the hands of an experienced masseuse. What comes next when you want to pamper the body? Yes, food. With homegrown spices, the resort serves world-class food in four different restaurants. Multi cuisine to traditional to barbeque, every variety, and every taste is available. Elevate Lounge is well stocked with varieties of liquors.

Now that your team is fully relaxed and pampered, how about some team activities and fun together? Plan some fishing together or nature walks. The walk along the Coffee plantation is another good idea to enjoy nature’s gift. Or just stay together and allow team Trebound to take over with the best and fun team bonding activities. These team building games and activities not only make everyone open for communication but also brings out the hidden skills. A boss becomes a friend or a new employee shows leadership qualities, which otherwise in a routine office environment is difficult to evolve.

"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime."

So, come, play together, and, bond together!

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