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15 Mins



Teams must construct a life-size hamster wheel using nothing but newspapers. The final goal is to transport team members from one point of the activity arena to another, all while ensuring the newspaper canvas remains intact.


Foster teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills


15 Mins

Group Size


Activity Type



Teams must construct a life-size hamster wheel using nothing but newspapers. The final goal is to transport team members from one point of the activity arena to another, all while ensuring the newspaper canvas remains intact.

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Materials Required:

• Large rolls of newspaper or butcher paper

• Masking tape or strong adhesive tape

• Scissors

• Markers or pens for designing/decorating (optional)

Team Formation:

• Divide participants into teams of 4-6 members

• Encourage diversity in team composition for varied perspectives


• Each team must construct a sturdy and functional wheel using only the provided materials

• The wheel must be large enough to carry at least one team member

• Teams cannot use any materials other than those provided

• Emphasize the importance of even weight distribution and reinforcement of weak points

Design and Construction Phase:

• Allow teams 30-45 minutes for planning, designing, and constructing their wheels

• Encourage creative thinking and collaboration within teams

• Facilitate communication and resolution of conflicts or disagreements

Testing and Evaluation:

• Set up a designated course or area for testing the wheels

• Teams must carry at least one team member on their wheel for a specified distance

• Evaluate wheels based on sturdiness, functionality, and ability to carry weight

• Consider incorporating obstacles or challenges along the course for added difficulty

Reflection and Debrief:

• After the activity, facilitate a group discussion

• Encourage teams to share their experiences, challenges faced, and lessons learned

• Highlight the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills

• Relate the activity to real-world scenarios where these skills are valuable

Celebration and Recognition:

• Acknowledge and celebrate the collective achievements of all teams

• Consider offering prizes or awards for creativity, teamwork, or overcoming challenges

• Foster a sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment among participants

Activity Type


Group Size



15 Mins

Apt For

Freshers / Mid-Management / Leaders / Start-ups

Activity Level



Foster teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills

Impact On Team Dynamics

  • Fosters Innovation and Creativity: This activity pushes teams to use limited resources creatively, thinking outside the box to build a functional and durable structure from unconventional materials.
  • Enhances Structural and Mechanical Understanding: Participants gain a practical understanding of basic engineering principles, such as weight distribution and structural integrity, as they construct the wheel.
  • Promotes Strategic Planning and Problem Solving: Teams must plan their approach carefully, considering the best ways to reinforce the structure and strategize on how to effectively use their wheel to transport members.
  • Improves Communication and Collaboration: Clear and continuous communication is essential as team members share ideas, give feedback, and adjust their strategies during the construction and racing phases.
  • Strengthens Resilience and Adaptability: As teams test their wheels and potentially face setbacks, they learn to quickly adapt their designs and strategies, fostering resilience and the ability to thrive under pressure.
  • Builds a Sense of Achievement and Team Spirit: Completing the challenge and successfully racing the wheel offers a profound sense of collective achievement and enhances team spirit, celebrating overcoming challenges together.
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The energy and enthusiasm the team brings is phenomenal, the activities are designed to be all-inclusive and keeping the core essence of team work and coordination. We have worked with them for two years now and would highly recommend, these guys are a fantastic team “the best people doing the job”  :)
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We have had 3 sessions with Trebound, they have always come up with unique team engagement activities, which are so fun also. Love having them, hope they keep creating new activities.
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When it comes to Virtual Team Engagement, I think Trebound has done a fabulous job to make our event a grand success. The inhibitions we had were quickly resolved and the sessions we had before actually going live, took care of all the queries and gave us the confidence that we can make our "PMI Bangalore Chapter Voluntary Meet 2020" event a new experience in this new normal.
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What types of team-building activities does Trebound offer?
Trebound specializes in a diverse range of team-building activities designed to enhance teamwork, leadership skills, and project management abilities. Our offerings include Virtual Activities, Indoor Activities, Outdoor Activities, Outbound Activities, and New Joinee Activities, catering to various group sizes and preferences.
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Yes, Trebound can facilitate team-building activities for groups ranging from 44 to 400 participants. Our activities are designed to ensure everyone is engaged and included, regardless of the group size.
Are there any outdoor team-building activities for teams with a high level of physical fitness?
Absolutely! Trebound offers a variety of outdoor and outbound activities that require an average to high level of physical activity, such as the Dragon Boat Race, Survive at Sea, and many more. These activities are perfect for teams looking to combine physical challenges with teamwork and leadership development.
What is the main focus of Trebound's team-building activities?
While each activity has its unique set of objectives, the main focus across all Trebound's team-building exercises includes enhancing teamwork, leadership qualities, and effective project management through engaging and impactful experiences.
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The duration of our team-building activities can vary, but most are designed to last approximately 3 hours. This allows enough time for a thorough engagement in the activity while keeping the team energized and focused.
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