Spider Web

Activity insights:

Encouraging team cooperation, Spider's Web is a complicated activity where members have to pass themselves or each other through a complex spider's web without touching it.

How it is done:

Activity idea 1:

Here, the teammates have to pass from one side of the web onto the other. The trick is to get through the holes without touching it. The numbers of holes should exceed the number of people as once someone passes through, it automatically gets closed. There should be a combination of small as well as easy holes. In case anybody touches the web, the activity will have to start from scratch.

Activity idea 2

Here, teammates have to be in pairs. Each pair takes turn to be on the opposite side of the web. With the help of alternate holes, they have to pass the ball to each other without touching the web. In case the same hole is used again or the ball hits the ground, the pairs have to change. The pair that makes the most passes emerge as victorious. This activity requires keen observation and great coordination.

Activity idea 3

This is similar to activity idea 1, but with added challenges. Here, different items are to be passed through the hole with the participant without touching the web. Each hole can only be used one time. Items selected should be difficult ones such as an egg, a bucket of water, twisted branches and the likes. If the teams are more, then they can be the ones to decide on the objects to be used for the opposing team.


  1. Group Size: 10 - 100
  2. Activity Time: 1/2 hour
  3. Preferred Setting: Medium
  4. Neuron Activity Level: Outdoor

Activity Target:

This activity stimulates a high level of concentration and unfolds the importance of strategy planning and execution to a T to its employees. Members will also learn to take responsibility and ownership for their actions.

Key Takeaways:


This activity is heavily reliable on the cooperation of the team members. Every one of them carries the responsibility of passing the participant/and object through the holes of the web. If some of them fail to oblige, it could lead to a disaster. Team members thus learn the importance of cooperation and how critical it is to get the job done.


Communication is key to see the goals set come into shape. This activity showcases how the right communication or the lack of it can have a heavy impact on carrying out the task at hand as well as the end results.

Decision making

The complex nature of the game fine tunes decision-making skills of the employees. Members will be thrown in situations where they have to act quickly on their feet and think of taking specific actions under the given circumstances. The members will gain more confidence to make quick decisions at the workplace as well.


The leader will have to steer the entire project in the right direction and ensure that the task gets carried out effectively. This promotes positive leadership qualities and enables members to work at their optimal level even under stress.

Problem Solving

A high-performance team is the one which is proactive and can solve problems that arise along the way. Several issues may have to be discussed while playing this game. This activity encourages problem-solving skills and keeps the employees alert at all given times.


Trust is an important component to completely surrender oneself to the goal at hand without doubting the intentions of other members. This activity pushes employees to let go of their reservations and trust both themselves and their teammates to carry out the given task at hand.


1/2 Hour

Activity Time

10 - 100

Group Size


Neuron Activity Level


Preferred Setting

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