July 5, 2023

19 Best Hogmanay Games, Activities, & Ideas

Ring in Hogmanay with 19 fun games and activities for a memorable celebration of the Scottish New Year, keeping traditions alive.

Hogmanay, the Scottish word for the last day of the year, is a time of revelry and celebration like no other. Traditionally, it's a time to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with open arms. This article will introduce you to 19 exciting Hogmanay games, activities, and ideas to make your New Year's Eve unforgettable.

1. First-Foot Tradition

Start the evening by embracing the Scottish first-foot tradition. The first person to enter your home after the stroke of midnight is believed to bring good luck for the coming year. Encourage your guests to take turns being the "first-footer" and have a small symbolic gift ready to share as a token of luck.

2. Ceilidh Dancing

Organize a ceilidh dance, a lively and traditional Scottish social event. Ceilidh dances are great fun for all ages, and no prior dance experience is required. Hire a ceilidh band or use online resources to learn the dances. It's a fantastic way to engage your guests and celebrate Hogmanay in true Scottish style.

3. Whisky Tasting

No Hogmanay celebration is complete without a whisky tasting session. Scotland is renowned for its fine whisky, and this is the perfect occasion to sample a variety of Scotch whiskies. You can even make it a blind tasting game where guests guess the distillery and age of each whisky.

4. Fireworks Display

Light up the night sky with a spectacular fireworks display. Fireworks are a traditional part of Hogmanay festivities, symbolizing the banishment of the old year and the welcoming of the new. Ensure you follow safety guidelines and obtain any necessary permits for your display.

5. Burns Night Supper

Celebrate the life and poetry of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet. Organize a Burns Night supper featuring haggis, neeps, and tatties. Remember to include the traditional "Address to a Haggis" and recitations of Burns' poetry. It's a meaningful way to pay tribute to Scotland's cultural heritage.

6. Torchlight Procession

Emulate the famous Hogmanay Torchlight Procession in Edinburgh by organizing your own torchlight parade. Provide guests with torches and lead them in a procession around your property or neighborhood. It's a visually stunning and symbolic activity that captures the essence of Hogmanay.

7. Traditional Scottish Music

Create a playlist featuring traditional Scottish music, including bagpipes, fiddles, and folk songs. Music is an integral part of Hogmanay, and it sets the mood for the evening's celebrations. Encourage your guests to dance and sing along to these iconic tunes.

8. Homemade Shortbread Contest

Host a homemade shortbread contest, a delicious Scottish tradition. Shortbread is a classic Scottish treat, and this competition allows your guests to showcase their baking skills. Award prizes for the most delicious and creative shortbread creations.

9. Hogmanay Quiz

Challenge your guests with a Hogmanay quiz that covers Scottish history, traditions, and folklore. Include questions about famous Scots, historical events, and local customs. You can create teams and offer prizes for the team that answers the most questions correctly.

10. Countdown to the Bells

At the stroke of midnight, participate in the countdown to the "bells." This tradition involves counting down to the chimes of Big Ben in London. When the bells toll, it's time to exchange New Year's greetings and well-wishes with your loved ones.

11. Hogmanay Photo Booth

Set up a Hogmanay-themed photo booth with props and backdrops that reflect Scottish culture. Encourage your guests to take fun and memorable photos. This not only provides entertainment but also creates lasting memories of your Hogmanay celebration.

12. Sing Auld Lang Syne

The singing of "Auld Lang Syne" is a cherished Hogmanay tradition. Gather your guests to sing this iconic Scottish song at the stroke of midnight. Don't worry if you don't know all the words; it's more about the sentiment and the sense of togetherness.

13. Hogmanay Recipe Swap

Have your guests bring their favorite Scottish or family recipes. Swap recipes and cooking tips, and perhaps even prepare and share some of the dishes. This is a great way to explore Scottish cuisine and bond over delicious food.

14. New Year Resolutions

Encourage your guests to share their New Year's resolutions or intentions for the upcoming year. Reflecting on personal goals is a meaningful way to welcome the new year and create a sense of purpose and positivity.

15. Scottish Toasts

Prepare a list of traditional Scottish toasts to recite throughout the evening. Raise your glasses and offer heartfelt toasts to your guests and to the coming year. Toasts are a charming and meaningful part of Hogmanay celebrations.

16. Virtual Hogmanay Celebration

If you can't be with loved ones in person, host a virtual Hogmanay celebration. Connect with friends and family through video calls and participate in games, toasts, and countdowns together, even if you're miles apart.

17. Hogmanay Memory Book

Set up a Hogmanay memory book station. Encourage your guests to write down their favorite memories from the past year and hopes for the year to come. It's a sentimental way to capture the essence of the evening.

18. Bagpiper Performance

If possible, hire a bagpiper to perform live during your Hogmanay celebration. The haunting melodies of bagpipes add a unique and memorable element to the festivities, creating an authentic Scottish ambiance.

19. Hogmanay Scavenger Hunt

Organize a Hogmanay-themed scavenger hunt with clues related to Scottish history, folklore, or famous figures. This interactive game adds an element of adventure and competition to your celebration, engaging your guests in a fun and educational activity.

In Conclusion

Hogmanay is a time for joy, reflection, and looking forward to the future. These 19 Hogmanay games, activities, and ideas will help you create a memorable and culturally rich New Year's Eve celebration. Whether you're in Scotland or celebrating abroad, these traditions and activities will make your Hogmanay truly special.

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