July 8, 2023

5 Best Engagement Activities for Marketing Teams

Marketing teams are always looking for new ways to bring in more customers and increase sales. Engagement is the key to this. Here are the top 5 engagement activities that can help marketing teams perform at their best.

5 Best Engagement Activities for Marketing Teams

Marketing is a challenging field that requires a lot of creativity and innovation. They are responsible for driving growth and revenue for the company, which means that they have to be highly motivated and productive. However, this is not always the case.

In order to keep their team members happy and engaged, marketing managers should implement team building activities or engagement activities where everyone can contribute ideas and participate. This will help them work better as a team, solve problems more effectively, and have fun while doing it!

Engagement activities can be used as a way to break up the monotony of day-to-day tasks. They also help to keep people interested in the company and what it does, which is important for retaining employees.

There are many ways you can use team building activities for the marketing department to increase morale, strengthen relationships, and foster creativity. 

Here are 5 of the best engagement activities for marketing teams:

1. Treasure Hunt

 A treasure hunt is a perfect way to get your team thinking creatively and working together.

How to Play?

  • Send them on a treasure hunt around the office or neighborhood and see how much fun they have. 
  • To start, give each team member a list of clues that will lead them to a treasure chest. 
  • They should use these clues and resources around the office or neighborhood to find it.
  • The most important thing is to have fun with a treasure hunt! It's up to you how difficult you want to make it. 

Here Are A Few Treasure Hunt Ideas

  • Have a treasure hunt that incorporates books and letters, like the first chapter of "The Secret Garden". The clues are in the book and you need to find them in the real world.
  •  Make a treasure hunt with fun challenges and puzzles to solve. 
  • You can also have a theme where people find hidden items at their office or workplace related to the theme of the event.
  • Make a treasure hunt with scavenger hunts. Have your employees divide into teams and have each team search for items they're given on their list of things to find with clues as to where they can find them. Your items should be hidden in various spots in the office cabins, cafeteria, and so on. The first team to finish their hunt with one or more of the found items wins

You might be surprised at how much energy they have when they're searching for treasure. 

2. Build a Marketing Campaign on a Fictional Product

Get your team thinking outside the box by challenging them to build a marketing campaign for a fictional product or company. This is a great way to get them thinking about strategy and execution. Some examples of fictional companies and products: "New York City's only Yacht Club,"  "The internet's favorite toothbrush that brushes your teeth by itself," “ laser eye surgery turned into a pill".

How to Play?

  • Create a list of all these fictional and super hero products based on the suggestions from your marketing team.
  • If your marketing team is big, divide them into sub groups and ask each team to come up with a different idea from the list of fictional products decided by the whole team
  • Ask the groups to brainstorm ideas in a particular time limit, for executing the marketing campaign, including purchase invites, events, PR stunts, and social media posts.
  • After the time limit, discuss the campaign ideas created by each group and get each person to vote for what they think is the best among all.
  • Give a small reward for the winning team and also create a buzz about these campaigns on your social handles by boasting about the great talent and the creativity of your marketing team. ( Now that’s a win-win for both employees and for the organization) 
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3. Start a Trend

Starting a trend is a fun exercise that will get the team talking and interacting. This is a great way to get your team involved and show them how much you care about them. 

How to Play?

  • You're familiar with one of the hottest new trends in tech right now? Keep an eye on the news and your industry to see what's in style. For example, this year's summer trend was neon. 
  • Get each one in your team to participate in that trend and challenge others 
  • The key is finding something that you think they'll be interested in. and start a conversation! 

This is a great way to get team members to share their personal interests and improve their sense of belonging to the company.

4. Elevator Pitch

This is a classic team building activity that can be adapted for marketing teams. Challenge your team to come up with the best elevator pitch for a fictional product or company. . 

You can also have a theme for teams to pick their fictional products from. For example, If you select a superheroes themed fictional product, it can be ironman’s hand cannon, batman’s utility belt, the flash suit, etc.

How to Play?

  • The idea is to design an elevator pitch for your fictional company that would be used to market the fictional product. 
  • Each participant or group creates a secret list of their 2 best fictional products to market based on the decided theme 
  • These lists are then combined and each person or group has to pick from the containing list of fictional products and come up with a pitch for their company or product that is included on the list.
  • There are also different levels of difficulty for you to try and make it harder for your team to win by adding some more restrictions or rules like a time limit of ten minutes.
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5. Charades 

This game is always a hit at parties, and it can also be a great engagement activity for your marketing team and to test people's knowledge of products and companies. 

How to Play?

  • Split your team in two groups
  • Have the first group act out an ad, slogan, or product name while the second group guesses what it is, while being timed and scored. 
  • Then switch and repeat the process!

You can use this game as a brainstorming exercise for new ideas and also helps leaders understand how well your team works together on an ad campaign.


The marketing team needs to be prepared for the future by constantly building their skills and knowledge. This is why it's important for them to take advantage of team-building activities that will help marketers grow as professionals, improve their social skills, and develop a better understanding of how they work together. 

The above list is just to help you get started. Team building for marketers can be done in a variety of ways. It could be as simple as going out for a team lunch or playing some games together. It could also be more complex like organizing a scavenger hunt or hosting a simple charades. The important thing is that it should be something that everyone enjoys and can participate in!

In this way, they will be able to work more efficiently together. and create value for the company and their customers.

Bonus: If you are struggling to create team building activities for your marketing teams, reach out to our team building experts to customize team activities that cater to your goals and team needs.. Partner with us to  strengthen team building in your organization with the help of fun and engaging experiences and retain top talents. 
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