5 Team Building Games That Promotes Collaboration

Collaborative efforts result in greater efficiency and quick achievement of goals. Here, we bring you to the top 5 team-building games that help achieve this goal.

Collaborative Team Building Games

Collaboration between different teams at a workplace is significantly appreciated as it helps to bring out the best of two or more people working closely. Collaborative efforts result in greater efficiency and quick achievement of common goals. Moreover, collaborating on a project means work equally divided among team members with no one feeling pressurized under the extra load of work. The entire team enjoys mutual benefits when working with close collaboration. Moreover, every team member gets an equal opportunity to contribute to a common goal. This way, they feel good about their contribution to helping a company achieve its objectives.

Conversely, companies where teams lack the ability to work in close collaboration face a lot of challenges. The major challenge is difficulty in achieving a complicated goal. Despite putting in their best efforts, results are elusive. This lack of efficiency makes achieving greater goals difficult than ever. Such companies must plan and organise high-end team-building games that promote collaboration and pave the way for a more cohesive and efficient team. Here, we bring you to the top 5 team-building games that help achieve this objective.

Remoto Car Challenge

Remoto car challenge is another activity that helps team participants learn the significance of competitive spirit and collaborative efforts. It is a perfect activity when looking for suitable activities to indulge in during corporate team outing. In this activity, team participants and finally different teams come together to build sturdy bridges that create a circuit where RC cars can be raced around the track. This activity promotes team members to think creatively and don the thinking hats that help them build a robust bridge that can at least hold two racing cars. When constructing the bridge, care must be taken to ensure the strength of the pillars to ensure strength and stability. A little misstep can result in the collapse of the whole structure. Thus, they need to be very careful. While creating a circuit, they need to avoid sharp corners and edges so that cars can zoom past without any hurdle. Each team has to build a small part of the circuit. Finally, all teams come together to finish the circuit which makes them realise the significance of coordination of efforts.

Cook-it Up Challenge

Cook it up – this is a team or a group activity where small teams of 5-7 people are formed, and each is given a task to cook a dish from the menu of the day. Under the close supervision of a trained 5-star hotel chef, the teams need to put their best foot forward to come with a delicious and attractive looking dish. The challenge gets more interesting and exciting as the facilitator announces that the dishes being cooked by the teams is what everyone in the group will be served to eat for the day. This puts extra pressure on the members that help them focus all their ideas and energies into making the best and most delectable food for the day. It is also one of the most preferred group activities that help forge a deeper bond and greater understanding between team members. A creative task, it helps software professionals put on new caps to prove their mettle and talent.

Drum Jam Session

The Drum Jam Session – a perfect icebreaker and motivator, this activity focuses on individuals rather than a team. The purpose is to encourage employees to step out of their inhibitions and prejudices and challenge their own limitations, take onus and work in complete sync with others. Each member, in this case, is handed over a Djembe music instrument that is a percussion drum that needs to be beaten by the hand. Even if employees are not confident in the beginning, their pent-up energies are let loose as the tempo rises. With each rhythmic beat of the drum, the passion levels multiply and finally by the end of the activity, all individual members are at very high energy levels and motivated that leads to better team bonding and high productivity levels. A great stress release, this activity helps employees’ bond with their team members at professional and personal level thereby creating a great collaborative workforce. With enthusiasm and motivation running high, this leads to better employee engagement and thereby laying the foundation to an envious corporate culture.

Pyramid Building

Pyramid Building – a true example of the effectual use of the resources at hand and manage a project professionally, this game involves building up of a giant pyramid. An activity that can be conducted, both indoors and outdoors, it does not require too much preparation in advance and can be arranged for on an impromptu basis too. All the employees are divided into various teams and each team is provided with similar basic materials using which the pyramid must be made. Each team is also facilitated with a construction plan that they need to follow while making the pyramid. After the pyramid has been made, teams are asked to decorate it with their choice of colours, texts, graphics and drawings, while keeping it aligned with the company’s vision and mission. Finally, each individual pyramid is conjoined with the next to form a gigantic pyramid. Not only does this activity focus on teamwork, bonding and working as a collaborative team, it also highlights key team parameters like decision making and leadership skills.

Beatbox Challenge

Beatbox challenge is the art of making sound from the mouth. Beat-boxers can mimic the sound that drums generate. The beat-box challenge becomes interesting because this is not something that most of us indulge in daily. Hence the challenge provides a good opportunity for employees to learn a new art and who knows if this really interests them, they can go onto take it up a hobby. Trained beatboxers are assigned to different teams teaching the members the art of making sounds. Once the basic sound making art is perfected, the group is now taught different beats. With different groups having learnt a few beat-boxes sounds they perform together rhythmically serving as a great stressbuster and icebreaker. With great sound and music in the background, it forms a great stimulus for the participants to work together as a well-bonded team. It is a great motivator that encourages employees to shed their shyness and self-consciousness, creating elevated levels of enthusiasm and interest in employees that is extremely vital for enhanced employee engagement and inspiring corporate culture.

These five team building activities help team participants learn the importance of collaboration and how it can help build efficient teams. 


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