What are the Best Resort for Corporate Day Outing near Pune?

Outdoor team building activities not only free you from boredom but also revitalises to face future workplace challenges. Do you know why Pune resorts are the best?

Best Corporate Day Outing Near Pune

Pune, Maharashtra’s second-largest city after Mumbai, has been a hub for the engineering industries. The city holds numerous prestigious ranking such as 8th largest metropolitan economy driving 6th largest per capita income in India. It is not only about the industrial evolution and a position as the cultural capital of the state. Pune has transformed virtually over the last few decades as well.

“One piece of log creates a small fire, adequate to warm you up. Add a few more pieces to blast an immense bonfire, large enough to warm up your entire circle of friends; needless to say, that individuality counts but teamwork dynamites” – Jin Kwon

We all know the greater benefits team outing brings to the individual and company growth. However, the success of such corporate events is majorly depending on the venue and location. Do you know the best part of this serene town Pune? Even after its transition into an IT and industrial hub, it has managed to keep 40% of its green cover. Yes, home to over 110 MNC’s and boasts of some of the most stunning IT parks in India, Pune attracts corporates to conduct team offsite and corporate team events in various venues available here.

Why Pune resorts are the best venues to conduct corporate one-day team picnic to make your team relax and rejuvenate?

Just 9.7 km away from the University of Pune, lies the Sunny’s world resort. It is a short drive from the city, you can quickly reach and maximize the impact of your corporate team outing venture. The resort has 100 acres of lush greenery, landscaped gardens an ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The vast open spaces in this resort are the ideal locales for fun-filled team building activities contemporary Tic Tac Toe. These team building activities engage your teams tremendously. Tic Tac Toe is one such game that makes you revisit your childhood. The new and enhanced version of tic tac toe not only relaxes your team but also rejuvenates with a brilliant level of energy. If you want your teams to work out a lot, choose Pyramid Building or Jumbo Cricket and spike up your energy levels. Imagine getting engaged in such fun-filled activities, that too, in the lap of beautifully manicured nature.

How can you indulge in leadership skills during a day outing in Pune?

Ambrosia Resort is located in the outskirts of Pune and perfect venue if you want to involve your winning leaders or if you are planning to build leadership teams. Embrace in the calm greenery around and let your teams relish varied cuisine from Indian to continental to the Mediterranean.

The indoor spaces to conduct team building activities has amazing seating arrangements to accommodate 100 to 500 guests. The energy-boosting team bonding games like Fire Walk and Glass walk instil and rekindle risk-taking ability which is a core leadership skill in this digital era.

The ample space in this resort also paves the way for conducting indoor activities like Pyramid Building and Junkyard Sales. Use it wisely make the whole team unite, build the leadership capabilities while having complete joy.

How about engaging your teams in outdoor activities during a corporate team outing in Pune?

Corinthians Resort is a Greco Egyptian styled resort beautifully landscaped with verdant natural liveliness and luxurious amenities. Working in the city can become monotonous and boring, making your teams longing for the comfort which nature offers. A one-day team outing very much near Pune offers you the break and the adrenalin rush which you yearn for.

The team bonding games like Raft building, Roller Coaster and Kontiki boat building offer you the unique advantage of connecting with yourself in the outdoors. The outdoor space in these Pune resorts bonds and strengthens the team spirit and, your team get back to work with renewed energy.

Beyond impressive venues, comfortable climatic conditions, Pune is well connected with major cities like Mumbai. Due to its ideal location and pleasant year-round climate, the city is best suited for a day outing for corporates. Especially if you are looking for one-day team offsite venues, Pune offers unbelievable options nearby.

Planning a day outing is easier as office work is not hampered and joining back becomes very simple and uncomplicated. The most crucial factor is the budget. You can handle it with less pressure while planning any corporate event to be conducted in the resorts in Pune. 


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