Exciting 5-Minute Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team-building sessions help remote employees work better together. Here are 5-minute team-building activities to host a quick virtual engagement session

5 Minute Virtual Team Building Activities (excluding the boring ones)

Quick 5-minute team bonding session for your remote employees

If your employees don't see the importance of team building, you can pretty much throw the advantages of team bonding games outside the window. However, by presenting a few 5-minute team-building activities excluding boring and dumb business team bonding games, your employees are surely going to love it.

An effective virtual team-building session is more than just fun. It helps the remote employees understand each other -- how every individual thinks, works, believes and enjoys. Whether or not you would like to do a little bit of new hire orientation in this remote world or merely bond your group closer together, you will find creative activities below to host a very quick virtual employee engagement session successfully.

These games could be modified or customized according to your teams based on your feasibility.

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Now, let's get straight into some amazing 5-minute team-building activities.

1. Unique and strange 

This is an amazing and super quick virtual team bonding activity that can help your teammates get to know each other personally and thereby help them bond better, which is more than important in this remote world. Each member in the group or video chat gets to share one unique and one strange thing about them. And you can also extend this quick team engagement activity by asking each one to reflect on it for a minute or two and talk about it.

For example, Unique could be an achievement like "I ran a full marathon or did an Everest base camp trek," and strange could be a weird quality of that person like "I can eat 2 full biryanis in one go." or "I can sleep while standing in a moving bus."

It is a hilarious way to get to know your teammates on a personal level. This amazing team activity is surely going to leave your team with a blast of laughter.

2. Virtual tell a tale

This activity can be a quick icebreaker to improve creativity and enhance communication. Here is how it goes, one person says something like" Once upon a time in my city," then the second person says "there was a traffic jam," and then the third person adds one line, and so on and on. This exercise ends up being hilarious, and you can control the time. You can also make it more interesting by structuring it as the intro, plot 1, plot 2, plot three, and end. The host can control the story and keep things from going too off-topic or become repetitive.

3. Who is it 

This is a great game that helps develop trust between your teammates and get to know each other on a more personal level.

But this activity needs a little bit of pre-meeting preps. Before going on the meeting or call, Ask the team to share over text or mail one fun fact with the host that the team may not know about them. Once the call begins, tell people one of the facts and then ask them to type in to guess the person who shared that fact about their lives.

4. Riddle dash

Who doesn't love riddles that tickle the brain to think?

This game consists of mind-numbing riddles with time limits. The members would be divided into teams, and whichever team solves it first correctly wins.

This game will wake up the creative, analytical as well as competitive sides of the players. Apart from that, it will also help them unwind from their stressful week.

5. 4c's 

This is an amazing, fun corporate team activity for your online meetings.

The 4 C's stand for car, colour, cartoon character, and cuisine. Now all you have to do is ask every employee to write down a car, colour, cartoon character, and cuisine that best describes who they are and explain why. It is a quick virtual activity to improve team bonding and know each other's interests better.

6. Never have I ever

 The game is exactly like the famous party game but you can tone it down to a professional environment.

Here's how it goes; all participants must raise five fingers. Then, teams take turns to say something they haven't done at the workplace, like "Never have I ever stolen another team member's snacks" or "Never Have I ever dozed off during a meeting." Whoever has done this at work closes a finger. And when all five fingers go down, that person is eliminated.

Teams may choose to disclose the actual story behind the incident based on their convenience.

For a bigger and premium version of this activity, click here.
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7. Two truths, one lie

This game involves having each person state two things that are true about them and one thing that is a lie. It is one of those fun and super quick 5-minute team-building activities. First, each individual would be asked to share three statements in which two are truths and one lie. Later everyone in the team participated in a poll to guess which one of them is a lie.

Two Truths & One lie," as a part of our weekly team bonding session. This game is surely going to surprise your team. You will discover some interesting facts about each individual in your team that you never knew before.

The session will be filled with much laughter and surely was an ultimate stress buster.

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8. Emoji check-in

 You can use Slack, WhatsApp, or any other group chat or collaboration platform for this activity. Ask everyone to send an emoji that describes whatever they're feeling.

Then have everyone try to guess the reason why their colleague might be feeling that way.

This activity can help your team overcome their insecurities and helps in developing trust and great collaboration.

Be it virtual or in-office working, team bonding sessions are always rejuvenating, energy-filling, and motivating. We recommend every team out there to have a quick team bonding session at least once a week to help each other do better and stay strong in these hard times.

Talk to us to customize super fun and impactful virtual team-building activities to cater to your remote team's needs.

Want to share any fun team-building games you enjoy that are not on this listing? Comment below!


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