Fun Team Celebration Ideas for Employees (Both Virtual And In Person)

Looking for some fun Team Celebration Ideas for your employees? Here are seven fun ways to celebrate your team, listed below, can be especially helpful whether you plan a virtual or in person team celebration.

Fun Team Celebration Ideas for  Employees (Both Virtual And In Person)

No matter what sort of team celebration you have in mind, whether it's a weekly team meeting, an annual event, or a celebration of your team's achievements, these fun ideas can get everyone excited and inspired. No matter how you celebrate the season, now is a great time to get everyone excited about games! These seven fun ways to celebrate your team, listed below, can be especially helpful whether you plan a virtual or in person team celebration.

How To Find Activities That Work Best For Your Team Celebration?

  • Once you know what type of team celebration you want to organize with your team, you can start searching for team-building ideas that would suit your team. 
  • Alternatively, you can also consult with your team members and see what kinds of celebrations they would like to see.

  • Once you have narrowed down your choices to some team celebration ideas, you can start planning the celebration. 
  • Depending on the type of team activities and employees’ feasibility, you can plan a virtual team celebration or an in-person team celebration.  
  • You can also plan to celebrate your team’s achievements as part of this team celebrations.

Virtual Team Celebrations Ideas 

The best way to celebrate your team and keep everyone engaged is to set up a virtual team celebration. Planning a virtual event can be done either with the entire team or a select group of senior leaders. The virtual team celebration idea can be done in a virtual meeting room or through a video call. There are many online teamspeak/video conferencing/skype alternatives available that you can use for team celebrations. 

Setting up a virtual team celebration can be done in a number of ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Virtual Buzz Session

Have a virtual buzz session where the team members discuss and review the achievements and challenges they faced throughout the season.During the session, encourage your team members to share their opinions and suggestions on how to improve. Ask the team members to keep a log of what they feel went well and what could have been done better. Encourage them to reflect and share their thoughts with the team. Ask them to consider what they could do better and what they felt went well. The last thing you want to do is lose your team members at the end of the season. 

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Virtual Meet-The-Team Event

You can also organize a virtual meet-the-team event where team members can meet their colleagues and exchange experiences. These get-togethers are a perfect way to start building a stronger company culture. They’re also a great way to boost team morale, as well as helping new hires feel more comfortable in their new roles. Virtual meet-the-team events are particularly useful if your team is spread across different locations, such as different countries or different states. They can be held over video call software, such as Skype or Google Hangouts, making them convenient for all employees. For example, you could host a panel where team members discuss their backgrounds and interests, or you could have a social media activity where employees can ask each other questions and learn about each other’s interests and personality.

Riddle Dash

This game includes mind-boggling riddles with time constraints. The players will be split into groups, and the team that answers it correctly first wins. This competitive virtual team building activity will stimulate the players' imaginative and intellectual sides as well as their competitive nature. It will also help them unwind from their hectic week in addition to everything else.

This virtual team celebration depends on your team’s creativity to make it as much fun as possible. 

Survive At Sea

Your team is traveling on the sea, suddenly, disaster strikes and the boat starts to sink. The employees have crash-landed in the middle of the ocean and they have a limited amount of time and survive until they are rescued. They need to make do with whatever resources they have. Would your team be able to survive in one piece before rescue arrives? Or will you not make it out alive?

In-Person Team Celebration Ideas

For in-person celebrations, a team outing or a team retreat can be a great idea. Organizing a team outing where the whole team gets together can be a great way to celebrate the team. With the help of various venues, you can easily find out the best place for team celebrations that are both fun and affordable. 

A great idea for an in-person celebration is organizing a team-building activity such as a team-building game, a team-building activity challenge or a team-building workshop. You can also organize a team-building outing where a group of members can get together and have fun. While team-building activities can be done both in-person and virtual, it is best done in person for the sake of a stronger connection with the team members.

Game night

For team-building activities, game nights are an excellent idea. There are many team-building games available online or in app stores that can be played during a game night. For example, you can play one of the popular board games such as Scattergories,Uno, or never have I ever. For team-building activities, you can also organize team-building games such as paintball, ice skating, mountain climbing, bungy jumping, charades etc. You can also celebrate your team where members can get together and celebrate their team’s achievements. You can plan such an event either during the season or at the end of the year.

Happy hour

A happy hour celebration is another great way to celebrate your team. For such celebrations, you can either organize a team outing, organize a team-building activity or have a team-building party. When it comes to organizing a team outing, you can either choose to organize a team trip or invite some members from other departments/units and other external stakeholders to participate in a team outing. For team-building activities, you can either choose a team-building activity that is related to a specific theme or organize a themed team-building activity. Another great idea for a happy hour celebration is to set up a team-building activity such as a scavenger hunt. For a team-building event, you can organize team-building activities such as a team-building cooking activity, a team-building game-themed event, a team-building outdoor activity or a team-building board game event.

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Surprise Event

For a surprise event, you can choose to organize a team-building activity that is related to a theme related to teamwork or a theme related to leadership. For example, you can choose to plan a team-building activity that is related to a theme related to trust such as “How well do you know your team members?” or “How well do you know your teammates?” Another great surprise event can be related to a theme related to innovation or a theme related to brainstorming, ideation or solving problems.

Dance Party

This is a terrific method to finish your offsite if you want to have a dance party. Divide into small groups and come up with your own dance moves in a certain amount of time (1 hour or 2 hours). Then, your team can watch them.  The greatest winning group is determined by a variety of factors, including props, teamwork, and other indications of group strength. This is a fun activity that gets everyone involved.

This fun team activity creates an environment where people are more likely to speak to one another and get to know one another better. If you do not feel comfortable putting on a dance party, have an impromptu one with whatever you have on hand.

To sum up 

Whether you plan to host a virtual team retreat or organize a team celebration, it is important to keep certain things in mind. When you choose your team celebration idea, you will also need to keep in mind how and where you are going to hold your celebration and who will be invited to it. This can help you select the best team celebration idea for your team. Additionally, when choosing your team celebration idea, you will also need to consider the team members’ interests and preferences. This way, you can choose a team celebration idea that will appeal to everyone.

Bonus: If you are struggling to organize fun and engaging team building activities that are catered to your team goals for your next team celebration, Partner with us to strengthen teams in your organization with the help of fun and engaging experiences.

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