Virtual Team Building: Fun Ice Breakers to Start Meetings

If you're planning a virtual team-building meeting with your colleagues, then you'll want to read this article. It contains information on fun ways to start a meeting

Fun Ways To Start A Virtual Team Building Meeting With Some Ice Breakers

If you're planning a virtual team-building meeting with your colleagues, then you'll want to read this article. It contains information on fun ways to start a meeting and ideas for ice breakers — activities that will ensure each individual feels included and engaged in the meeting.

The difficulties faced while planning virtual team meetings

When planning a team-bonding meeting with your colleagues, you'll want to do everything you can to ensure that it's productive and fun for everyone. Conducting the meeting virtually may seem like a challenge, especially if you've never executed a virtual team building session before, but here are some tips and ideas for ice breakers that will help keep fun at the forefront during the session, rather than the medium through which individuals connect.

The article will help anyone who is planning a virtual team-engagement session or any type of conference call get started right.

If you need to have a meeting with your team members, then you probably already know how incredibly tedious it can be to constantly switch between the apps that each person needs for a meeting. Creating an online meeting via Skype or Google Hangout doesn't get easier, but with these helpful videos, you may just find the solution to all of your problems.

The convenience and accessibility of participating in virtual meetings are unmatched. However, if this is your first time using video conferencing software, then we hope that these fun ways will make it more enjoyable and entertaining! It's always tough starting something new, but once again giving it just one more try could be the turning point that helps you master this technology. There are hundreds of websites and apps trying to become the dominant platform for online meetings. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to start a zoom meeting without spending too much time or money.

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Here are just a few ideas that might help you succeed:

1) Try a conference call

When you're in different locations, maintaining an audience will be difficult since people who speak may not have visual contact with the other participants at all times, but using conferencing tools like Skype will make this process smooth as long as your internet is strong enough.

2) Use online video chat software

This way you and your audience can talk without interrupting each other, which can be difficult.

3) Google Hangouts 

Hangouts have been around for a while now and have great web-based tools and functions allowing you to host events and share files easily.

4) Get a virtual meeting advisor

Someone who can help you do things like create invitations or share documents.

5) Find Your Team Building Partner

You can also find online resources to help you plan, set up, and run team meetings.

We at Trebound provide resources and games that will definitely make your next team meeting fun and engaging.

How can Ice Breakers help during virtual meetings?

If you ever find yourself in a meeting, be it virtual or face-to-face, that's a little awkward or tedious, these are some fun ways to break the ice and start the meeting on a good note.

The first thing that you need to remember is that as the person who's running the meeting, you always have the power to make it more fun — either by devoting time to team-building exercises or by just changing your attitude and being more open with your co-workers.

Using ice breakers is a great way to keep your meetings engaging and productive, and it helps those who might be nervous about getting started. Icebreakers can loosen up everyone — this makes users comfortable enough to share ideas or opinions.

Some great ice breakers are pranks and humour. If your audience isn't used to the type of humour that you're using, they won't know what they're in store for. But even if they dislike pranks when they're trying to be serious, a good laugh can do wonders and set the mood for your meetings.

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Ice Breakers for the meeting to get more inclusive

Using ice breakers like this is also an excellent way to keep everyone on the same page and focused on the agenda of the meeting. You don't have to have an agenda in mind before the meeting — just ask some fun questions or let comments fly around to see if anyone has ideas that they'd like you or anyone else in your team to help them with. You may even find that people are more willing to speak their minds in meetings if they're having fun. Break out of your shell and have some fun!


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