Teamwork's Impact: A Shocking Boost to Profit Margins!

Being in a Corporate Culture, We get to hear the word "teamwork" at least once a day. Despite having tons of knowledge on teamwork we all tend to neglect it somehow! Why?

Being In A Corporate Work Culture,

We get to hear the word "teamwork" at least once a day.

Despite having tons of knowledge on teamwork we all tend to neglect it somehow!



Because we never actually measure nor track the result of "teamwork"


We at Trebound, have discovered team-building variables and built a worksheet that actually helped us in understanding the impact of 'teamwork' factor on our profitability.

After getting to know the variables of teamwork, we started to bestow our efforts to maximize its impact on the team.

And guess what? We have noticed rapid changes...  

  • Our Productivity started getting better.
  • We were leaving the office early and work done.
  • We got more time to strategize better.
  • Our employees got rid of work fatigue.
  • Most of our projects were done before the deadline.

Everything mentioned above accounted for a considerable spike in our profits margin. We had a massive 24% increase in our profit margin of Q3 2019 compared to Q2 2019.

Most importantly, our team was aligned in a single plane and everybody got to know their specified contributions on an assigned topic.

Wondering what are those Variables?

You'll be surprised to know...

Yes, these are the variables we started to incorporate in building our team and measure them regularly.

Here's Our teamwork measuring Sheet! (Each question carries 5 points)

  • Has everyone in the team been communicated about the details and the goals for that particular project? (5 Points)
  • Did everyone in the team take accountability and responsibility for the result equally? (5 Points)
  • How many times the strategy or plans had to be altered to achieve the desired result? (5 Points)
  • Was the whole team consulted before making important decisions? (5 Points)
  • Did your internal teams have seamless information/data delivery? (5 Points)

After answering the above questions, we have discovered some major bottlenecks that needed some serious attention.

And the highest we ever scored is 18.

When your team answers the above questions collectively, it will surely help you in finding those ghostly bottlenecks.

Over the course of time, you will be astonished when you see how your team score is directly proportional to your organization's profit margin.

We hope this article will help you a lot in teambuilding and improves trust among teams which always bring positive results.

We would love to hear about your results and help you understand more about these variables!

Do not hesitate in writing to us at with your results and we will send you a surprise fun activities e-book.

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