Life Lessons Learned from Walking on Broken Glass

Broken Glass walk, the best team building activity from Trebound helps you fight with the wrong perceptions, assumptions about you and make you a great level achiever

Broken Glass Walk vs Life Challenges

The broken glass walk will open such tents, push us out of our comfort zone so that we get to watch the sunrise & sunset and let the moon & stars fill our skies. Watching the format – broken glass bed – itself opens the mind. This best team building activity challenges all the other challenges that we presume and makes each one as ‘challenge ready’.

Not challenging yourself and ignoring the challenges will take you nowhere. You won’t even realize what you are capable of. The experiential learning one acquires through this adventurous skill-building game push the participants towards challenging the challenges.

How Perceptions, Assumptions And Our Belief System Rule Our Lives?

The dictionary defines ‘perception’ as “the way in which something is regarded, understood and interpreted.” Whatever is our belief, the entire faith system is the ‘perception’ that we acquired by the way our ancestors and different stakeholders involved in our life taught or showed us. We learn by seeing and sensing the results from the varied actions we take every day.

Sitting in a comfort zone is very dangerous, remember it is a place of no growth and no challenges. For example, when we face failures or breakdowns, we assume ‘one thing’ or the ‘other’ as the reason and we tend to ignore the importance of trying again and doing in a different way. We feel it ‘easy’ to move on by reasoning it with our assumptions and perceptions. We feel very comfortable sitting in our own tent missing to see the stars and the moon up in the sky.

What Exactly Happens When The Participants Walk On The Glass?

Fighting with the self-belief: First thing that comes into the mind of the participants is the doubt whether this activity is possible to do or not. When they see Trebound briefing and demonstrating how this brilliant team building game is done, the second thought many get is one of the below thoughts.

  • I can't even attempt this.
  • What if I get hurt?
  • This is something I would never dare to do!

‘Face’ or ‘not to face’ dilemma: The self-doubt, accompanied by the above reasons not even wanting to attempt the activity gets listed in the mind. Doubt dominates the self’ here.

Isn’t natural for us to think this way whenever we face challenges? We tend to list down the reasons why we should ignore and not acknowledge any life challenge. We quickly spend our energy and make plans to just ignore, move on as if nothing happens. Ultimately, struggle when it becomes bigger and beg, run around for solutions.

As an alternate behaviour, we get so scared of the life challenges, we end up always thinking, cribbing and complaining about life events and ignore to count the blessings. Happiness quotient is NIL in such lives. Neither we ignore nor take any steps to bring any solution. We will leave it to you to imagine how such behaviour impacts your teams and productivity. Involving your teams in ‘broken glass walk’, the amazing corporate team activity is the best solution here.

Transformation of ‘Self-doubt’ into ‘willpower’: The minute the attendee steps inside the broken glass bed, the self-doubt just vanishes. The will-power replaces the ‘self-doubt’, mind proactively plans to safely cross the path and reaches the target zone. The clarity in mindsets in, the mind gets into the agile model and the body cooperates with the mind’s instructions as the team is engaged in this adventurous team building activity. The body, mind, and soul coordinate beautifully in a rhythmic manner and guide the attendee to cross the path. Even though the Trebound team guides and debriefs the attendees, the sole authority is the person who is walking on the glass bed.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we might win, by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare

The self-realization of the Power: Unless the self-realization of the power one possesses, no one can even agree to walk on the glass path. While playing this powerful team building game, the minute the mind agrees to take up the challenge, the coordination starts acting in an agile mode. The experience is so amazing that the attendees, instead of staying away from challenges, end up challenging what they know and believed already as a challenge. They also experience that with the power of awareness, strategy and balance one can shatter old perceptions and empower them to achieve more.

No Turning Back From Life Challenges As A Post Team Building Activity Action Plan

The relevance brought in the experience of this beautiful team building game shatters even real-life perceptual and belief barriers. The attendees get to recognize the ‘negativity inducing belief system’ immediately it crosses their growth path. They become completely alert, aware of their absolute potential, also learn how to utilize such power to empower their and other’s lives. When each member of a team is empowered through self-awareness, imagine the result that the entire team can bring to the organization.

The state of self-realization is, as we call it, not attaining something new or reaching some goal which is far away but simply being that which you always are and which you always have been – Ramana Maharishi

Overall, by attempting the Broken Glass walk, one of the supreme level corporate team building activities, the attendees start taking responsibility for their own actions, build accountability, develop courage to take valuable initiatives, willingness to break all the barriers and face newer challenges, majorly mature in a way to ‘let go of the past’ with ease, live an energetic life, and become completely ‘challenge ready’.

“In order to be who you are, you must be willing to let go of who you think you are” – Michael Singer


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