January 28, 2022

Never have I ever office edition

Never have I ever office edition

The game is a famous party game but toned down to a professional workspace as a virtual team-building activity. This might be a very familiar online game but as you continue playing during an online meeting with your teammates, many interesting things get into your conversations. This game can be a great icebreaker activity to get to know the newly onboarded employees

Here is how you play 'never have I ever' virtually 

First, all the participants must raise five fingers up over the video meeting. Teams take turns to say something they haven't done at the workplace making sure there is no vulgarity. The participant that has done this at work, closes a finger, and when all five fingers go down, that person gets eliminated. Your teams may choose or not to disclose the actual story behind the incident based on your convenience.

For example, you can take the first turn and start with something like "Never have I ever stolen another team member’s snacks" and the next participant can continue as "Never Have I ever dozed off during a meeting".

Caution: This must be purely fun and taken in light spirits. Any vulgar or unwanted 'never have I ever' will be eliminated immediately.

Some never have I ever questions cheat sheet 

Never have I ever Scared someone from the back

Never have I ever got thrown out of class as punishment

Never have I ever took a sick leave but was never sick

Never have I ever pretended to laugh at a joke I didn’t get

Never have I ever skipped the online meeting without any reason

Never have I ever chatted with a friend pretending to pay attention during an online meeting

Never have I ever been stuck in an office lift.

Never have I ever cried in public.

Never have I ever stolen another team members snacks

Never Have I ever dozed off during an office meeting

Never have I ever lied in this game.

Never have I ever used a fake ID

Never have I ever skipped paying a bill at a restaurant

Never have I ever lied to boss

Never have I ever regifted a gift

Never have I ever got on a wrong train or bus

Never have I ever went on a solo trip

Never have I ever made up a story at work about someone who isn’t real

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What will your team benefit from this activity?


This game deepens the trust between the teammates as they share experiences with each other.


 Teammates will open up with each other honestly this game also helps in finding more about other coworkers.

Get to know your team better: 

This game will make you hear many stories from your teammates that you never heard from them. You will also discover some new interests of your teammates that you never knew.

Team bonding:

 This game will help the teammates bond stronger with the increasing level of trust and honest conversations.


 This game is not a competitive game, so as the game continues to go on, teammates will open up more and get to know each other better.

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More than all these benefits, this virtual team building activity is super fun and gets very interesting. Try it with your team by clicking here.


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