Outdoor & Indoor Team Building Activities in Singapore

With corporate arena evolving at a rapid pace, issues like diversified workforce and gender equality are fast becoming inclusive.

Indoor And Outdoor Team Building Activities In Singapore

With corporate arena evolving at a rapid pace, issues like diversified workforce and gender equality are fast becoming inclusive. While companies are striving hard to ensure camaraderie among their employees, the reality is that interpersonal relationships among employees are very complex and there are a lot of factors in play. If they fail to forge a bond between them and work in tandem towards the achievement of a common goal, it can poorly reflect business productivity and work performance. Businesses cannot afford this loss as they are already grappling with the issue of sustaining in a highly competitive world. The problem of employee bonding is best addressed by organizing a variety of indoor and outdoor team building activities.

How Do Outdoor Team Building Activities Help?

Outdoor team-building activities help immensely if the employees are tired, demotivated and unable to show results. Taking them away from the office scene help perk them up and they come alive at the new locale. They are more receptive to interesting outdoor team building activities where they get an opportunity to show their skills and knowledge while collaborating with their teammates. These activities also help them have trust in each other’s capabilities.

Outdoor activities have always been directed towards enhancing the overall productivity of the team. Every team member gains benefit by developing a sense of teamwork which results in optimal performance efficiency. Enjoying participating in outdoor team building activities also results in colleagues sharing a strong bond with each other. The entire team feels motivated and feels refreshed after a stint outdoors away from the day to day office scene.

Here, we bring you some of the interesting team building activities that can help businesses and employees enjoy amazing benefits.


How Do Indoor Team Building Activities help?

Indoor team building activities help in ensuring success, productivity and ensure immense job satisfaction to the employees. The activities aim at motivating and encouraging team members which helps in developing a spirit of teamwork and positivity. These will finally help the business to grow, develop, and flourish. Enjoying these benefits is not as easy as it seems as there are always people in every office who love pulling down others and play petty politics which ultimately harm them and the business.

Indoor team building activities are organized by professional companies who help to facilitate these activities and ensure businesses deriving expected benefits from them. They offer a variety of creative and innovative indoor team building activities that are perfect for every organization irrespective of its size and scale of business. These activities are perfect if you want your employees with a quick dose of motivation. These are also useful when you need to prep up your employees for a day-long office meeting or a conference.



It is an interesting indoor team building activity which requires table arrangements to complete. It is a popular challenge based on Rube Goldberg concept wherein seemingly simple tasks are completed in a complicated way. The highlight of this activity is the use of engineering skills and knowledge to design and build an actuator. All team members have to contribute and think intuitively to create this self-running mechanism using limited resources. There is a series of actuation moving from one table to another without any manual touches by ingeniously connecting them and making the entire mechanism work flawlessly.


Raft Building

It is an interesting outdoor team building activity. A source of water, like a lake is required to complete this activity. This is a rescue themed activity where teams find themselves marooned on an island with low supplies. Their only way to come out of this problem is by building a raft using the available resources. Care has to be taken that the raft is sturdy, floats on water, and can carry a few team members aboard. Using this raft, the participants can sail to the mainland. This team activity has risk associated with it but the facilitators take necessary safety measures to ensure the team doesn’t face any problem.

Pyramid Building

This activity can be carried out indoors as well as outdoors. In this activity, the teams are given the task to build a giant pyramid. For this purpose, they are assigned raw materials like cardboard, equipment, tools, etc., that helps them to build an impressive pyramid. Each team member has to contribute with his efforts to successfully complete the task. Once the pyramid is ready, it is decorated in company colors, logo, etc., and each individual pyramid is brought together to build a huge pyramid. These individual pieces brought together to form a huge pyramid speak volumes about team collaboration.

Roller Coaster

This is an indoor team building activity and a huge hall or a conference room is better suited for this. This team-building activity stimulates creative and innovative ideas among the team members. The team is given the task of building a structure on which the ball has to be displaced just using the force of gravity. The teams are given necessary supplies like zip ties, pipes, and wooden canes. The ball has to be displaced from point A to Point B without any manual intervention. A design brief is given to each team and they have to prepare the assigned sections. Later these sections are joined together to create a giant roller coaster. This work like a track on which ball is displaced. More are the loops, spirals, and drops, more are the bonus points. This activity can be organized for 20 to 200 participants depending on the availability of space. It is an interesting and results-oriented team building activity.

When the employees look tired, hassled and are unable to deliver results it is a clear indication that they are feeling demotivated. This is a time when they need some much-required prepping up. Organizing occasional team-building activities, indoors or outdoors, can help them snap out of their disenchanted state and make them active and energetic like before. The organizations also stand to gain a lot from these activities as there is a remarkable change in their productivity and performance. 


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