Leading Sales Through Crisis: 6 Ways to Win Success

During a crisis, even the most successful sales team can lack motivation in dealing with the clients. Here are six ways that really works, to motivate your sales.

Build a winning sales team: 6 ways to lead your sales successfully through an extended crisis.

It's a no-brainer that a strong sales team plays a key role in driving the whole organization forward. Motivated sales teams enjoy their work while constantly exploring new techniques and strategies to work better.

But during a crisis, even the strongest sales team can lack motivation and go haywire in dealing with the clients.

Keeping your sales team motivated and driven is about taking small initiatives that show you care for your employees.

6 ways to motivate your sales through an extended crisis.


Appreciation in the presence of your team will show your employees you notice their efforts. Every little effort and idea needs to be appreciated and acknowledged. Giving the individual enough boost and confidence will motivate them to take up any challenge. It encourages others to open up without any inhibitions and share their ideas easily.

The pandemic crisis has led remote teams to face challenges like loneliness, anxiety, and isolation. But an extra boost can help them to unleash their full potential amidst the adversities of crisis.

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Give specific compliments that show you mean it. Appreciate and encourage the effort even when it's a failure. It will give your remote team the confidence to try again with their fullest potential.

You can also plan "appreciation day" every month for employees putting their best efforts. A few online team building games can help eliminate the stress and provide a much-needed fun session to your online team.

2.Give your people power to decide

Giving your people the power to decide makes them responsible for their actions. It will help your remote employees stick to their commitments and be responsible despite all the odds. In addition, this will boost the morale of your team and improves employee engagement massively.

Remind your employees about the autonomy they already have. Let employees know you trust them. Developing trust between remote employees is essential to boost their performance by better collaboration.

You can also try some online team building activities that help your employees develop leadership skills, decision-making, and trust.

3.Set Attainable, Measurable Goals 

Your sales team is much more likely to remain focused and aligned when the goals are clearly defined. Conversely, your team is more susceptible to drift away from the goals without having a destination to reach.

Goals need to be reasonable and measurable to make your sales team effective.

Imagine when a team is working on a goal to increase sales. It creates ambiguity as it is not specific.

While a goal to increase sales by 20% to meet the revenue demands is clear and purposeful.

Goals that are set too low fail to motivate salespeople. They hit their goals early in the year and stay lazy in the latter part of the year.

Setting bars too high is also a bad idea as it overwhelms your sales team. So try to set goals that are achievable and demand strong performances.

You can also try capturing the attention of employees with incentives attached. Incentives don't always have to be monetary but can be meaningful like an online team party, useful goodies, skill upgrading course etc.

4.Celebrate small wins 

Be it online or offline, celebrating small moments of joy together help your team bond stronger.

When you can't celebrate in person, find ways to celebrate a high ticket closure by throwing a virtual tea party or a fun activity.

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You can also plan a virtual fun day filled with online fun activities to celebrate the team's effort and small milestones once in a while. Virtual activities are known to keep employee spirits high while relieving them from stress.

You can also plan for insightful meetings that add value to the sales team, like sharing tactics that worked or 

5.Stay connected and help each other grow 

"If I have seen further,it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"- Issac newton.

As the saying goes, a team or organization can only succeed when it grows together. Therefore, staying connected and learning new methods from each other is the need of the hour for changing scenarios of the business world.

Keep checking in with each other frequently. Meet to discuss your monthly targets while also having a fun session, brainstorming, and knowledge transfers during the online meetings.

Remember, the best sales teams are continuously finding ways to improve their game. You must know too!

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6.The new normal needs the new lens :

Sometimes a "crisis" demands a new lens to look at sales. Selling with empathy is the key to nurture relationships with your customers in times of a crisis.

Remember, there is also a human on the other side of the phone line, probably feeling the same uncertainty as you are right now. Be human and empathize before you try to sell. Think about how your product or services can help your customers now? What are their pain points and priorities?

The only way to build great relationships is by understanding them and helping them move forward in their life with your services.

To sum it up 

Crisis demands growth. Just hang in there and stay positive while keeping yourself updated with relevant knowledge and skill sets.

Keep pushing, motivating and challenging each other. But, most importantly, keep closing.


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