Host a Virtual tea party, loads of FUN guaranteed

Host an amazing virtual tea party with your remote teams. Here are some must-try ideas for your next online meeting. Get ready and let’s dive into the online tea party.

Host a Virtual tea party, loads of fun guaranteed

Virtual hangouts have become a new normal these days. But as we just uttered the word hangouts, we can see you already missing going out with your peers to enjoy the hot brewing tea. And sometimes tea-time conversations don't end.

We all miss those moments. But It is safer at home now. We can use this time to enjoy our favorite in-person activities while sipping hot tea. Here are some tips to host an amazing virtual tea party. Get a favorite cuppa ready and let’s dive into the online tea party!

The most important part of your tea party is the tea, of course! Make sure that you all have everything ready at home to brew your hot tea or coffee if you don’t prefer tea. Make sure you and your party participants are prepared to sip with you! Be sure to find your favorite teapot and cup and keep everything ready by the time the party starts. so that you can all step into your virtual tea party together!

Snack it with tea!

What’s a tea party without pairing some good snacks? Perhaps one friend can send everyone a recipe in advance of the party so all have a chance to prepare the dish before you join your zoom meeting.

There are so many crunchy and tasty snacks that you can pair with a nice cup of tea. Finger sandwiches, biscuits, rusk, and other light snacks are a great addition to your tea. The host can find a few easy recipes and send them to your peers before your virtual tea party. This way, everyone can make the same dish and enjoy it together while sipping their tea or coffee!

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The connection is so important. Though the in-person connection is not accessible at this time to most as we are all working remotely, We encourage you to virtually connect with your peers and friends often with a basic telephone conversation or even messaging or playing some online game together.

Whether you want to dive into all topics of conversations while sipping your Tea or just talk about today’s weather, tea parties are a great time to connect with your peers. After all, we all know what tea or coffee can do. Perhaps you can start reading a book and talk about your recent chapter reading during each tea party. in your tea party and turn the event into a virtual book club. Not much of a reader? watch a film together with your team. Let the host send out the film in advance to watch and use your tea party time to sip in the movie fun with your peers.


Good Conversations are necessary to keep the fun alive for your tea party, but sometimes there are a few ways to make your event a little more fun and exciting too. You can use conversation starter cards, You can also try a virtual storytelling session as a team-building activity. This virtual tale can get your team very creative. You can also try playing virtual dumb charades or twist the game to add more fun to the game by asking your teammates to draw instead of enacting like a 'blind artist' the word or phrase of your charades.

Turn your next zoom into a virtual tea party, you will definitely see the party turning into more fun than you expected. Let the hot brewing tea unleash great conversations and hidden talents in your team.


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