January 28, 2022

What was your most enjoyable corporate team building event?

Learn How to build the desired product from the resources that you have….

Raft building is one exciting outdoor activity that can be played in the waterfront. In the lap of nature, the team is challenged by giving limited resources. Along with some floatable items and logs, you are to build a raft, which can move and float. This inspiration is what we offer. This team-building activity gets your team together and works towards a common goal.

Not only the goal achievement but also the act of coming together for fun-filled activity instils a long-lasting faith in each other. The team takes back self-belief and belief in the team, back to their working place

Be creative and original ideas to maximize sales….

Junkyard sales is an enticing team bonding game in which each team is handed over interesting junk items. On creating a finished and salable product from junk, your belief in your and your team’s innovating capabilities is going to grow manifold. In this fun-filled activity, you will have to rake up your grey cells.

Create a product and then making a presentation to sell it. This activity inspires you to optimize your limited resources and to boost the sale of your end product. It drives innovation, design thinking and project planning under adverse and limited circumstances.

Developing an idea and then giving it life is a treasured memory. It is like you get to enjoy the process of making a cake and eating it too.

Every decision taken in office has a domino effect, here we see that in a team activity

Triggertronics is one of the most responsive corporate team building activity in which your team will be given material with which you will build a Rube Goldberg's model or simply put an Actuator. This indoor team game is based on a sequential trigger effect or domino effect.

The team gets together to witness the impact of their decisions and ideas in the form of a team activity. They also get to see how innovative thinking and logical reasoning can impact us in the office environs. The team takes back the faith in the responsible decision-making process and standing by collectively on the decisions made by the team.

To create a finished product and see it reach the finished line

F1 challenge is an outdoor team corporate activity. Here each team player plays a crucial role in shaping the finished product. The significance of the role of an individual team member in the end result is underlined. A team can achieve great heights only when every single contributor plays a significant role in the collective action of the team.

This very spirit is rekindled in each player, which he takes back to the office. Seeing your car run in front of you makes you proud of the role which you played in creating the end product. You get back to the office energized with self-belief, highly responsible and importance of your role in the corporate structure.

To see your product from inception to the finished line

Kontiki boat build challenge is an outdoor corporate team outbound activity. Every product goes through a complex range of accomplishments before coming to its final result.  Aren’t you collaborate with other functions and teams to fulfil the project objectives? Here you get to witness a cross-functional collaboration thus appreciating the roles played by others.

The liaison and creating a unique product in the outdoors fills every team member with excitement. Boat making is something which you all have indulged in during childhood monsoon, isn’t it? Revisiting those memories again with your team members makes you close with each other and strengthen a bond which will resonate in the closed office spaces when you go back to work from your corporate team event.

Acquiring new skills makes you feel the need to upscale in your corporate role. Each team building event has been designed thoughtfully. It caters to all your needs of rekindling team spirit; reminding you all the need for leadership skills; creating bonding and belief in oneself, on the team and the organization as a whole. The holistic approach towards all your needs; we endeavor to fulfil all your expectations, filling it with loads of fun. Each activity has been created to nudge each participant to believe in skill-building and in trying to become an improved and better version of oneself.



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