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Indoctrinating your orgs culture in new hires

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Why C2C Program?

Objectives of C2C Program

Overview of
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Methodology of the program

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Problem Statement

Integration of Gen Z into the workplace can indeed present challenges for the HR/L&D teams. The reason being young interns/new hires come on board with a different set of work behaviors and motivators.

Their personal expectations from workplace and what the organization expects from them can often find itself at cross roads.

How satisfied GenZ are with how well their education has prepared them for the workplace...

Campus to corporate transition can be difficult for Gen Zs too. This is due to a combination of factors such as lack of experience, varied cultural differences, instant gratification orientation, strong emphasis on individualism, personal expression, high degree of autonomy and individuality.

Indoctrinating Corporate Culture in new Hires

Our course, Campus to Corporate – helps GenZ's to make a smooth transition, by learning about success parameters in an organizational setting. They get to develop personal leadership, grooming their ownership quotient further and pick up workplace interpersonal skills that will help the mengage with existing workforce effectively.

Etiquette & Rules of Behavior

Professional Conduct

Dealing With Colleagues

Digital Etiquette

Communication Styles

Time Management

Course Objectives

1.  Building personal effectiveness as young intern/employee.
2. Cultivating an adaptive mindset.
3. Demonstrating initiative and ownership at workplace.
4. Manage interpersonal interactions with maturity and professionalism.
5. Developing a strong work ethics.
6. Aligning their behavior and work style to organizational needs

Content Overview

Building a Corporate Persona

Understanding Nuances of Success in Corporate World
Identifying Work Behaviors that Help You Succeed
Workplace Etiquettes
Defining Our Personal Brand at Workplace

Enhancing Self -Awareness

Know Self, Know Others
Johari window – from Unknown to Known
Understand Your Work Motivators
Understand How Your Personal Values Align to Organization Values

Strengthening Personal Effectiveness

Limiting Behaviors and Empowering Behaviors
Getting the First Impression Right
The Credibility Window
The Cycle of Self – Empowerment
Locus of control

Developing Personal Leadership

Up to 10 Which side are you on – Problem or Solution? users
Recognizing Personal Strengths and Abilities
4 Drivers of Personal Leadership
Getting Things Done

Working with Other Generations

Understanding Team Cohesion
Know about Generational Values
Attitudes of a Valued Team Member
Managing Conflicts Effectively

Taking Initiative

Importance of Taking Lead
7 Key Ownership Behaviors
Asking Questions to Clarify
Accountability Mental Models

Managing Complexities & Solving Problems

Big Picture Thinking
Connecting Dots
Root Cause Analysis
PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) Cycle

Effective Communication for Success

Communicating with Different Personality Styles
Using Diplomacy and Tact
Actively Listening
Sharing Our Point of View Positively

Training Methodology

Participants will be immersed in intensive practice sessions during the workshop. They will engage in the application of frameworks and tools shared through the journey

These will help them to test the tools shared in the session immediately. They will witness how these frameworks and structures modify the impact they are able to create at workplace as new interns and younger employees.

Client’s Speak

For both our interns and new hires, Trebound’s training programs have been invaluable. The sessions are well-crafted to align with Cipla’s core competencies, and the positive feedback from participants, especially those from top-tier institutes, speaks volumes about its effectiveness. The engaging and interactive nature of the training has made the transition into our corporate culture seamless.

Kruti Pancholi
Sr HR Manager - Pan India Campus Recruitment

We’ve partnered with Trebound for our Campus to Corporate training for three straight years, and the experience has been exceptional. The program captures TVS leadership competencies perfectly, and even our new hires from tier 1 institutes admired its design and depth. The engaging and interactive sessions have significantly eased the transition from academia to the corporate world.

L&D Leader, TVS

See Our Impact

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